A few days ago we organized the last official photoshoot for the Lady Marmelade project. The end of the shootings paid by this very crowdfunding. Now we can finish the illustrations and as soon as the text is done, the first tome will be published with Librinova publishing and shopped to other publishers. After that we will look for a place to organize our exhibition, the very last step of the project.



Ophelie is placing the final touch to the most important look : JAPAN


That day had a lighter tone to it, "only" two outfits and looks to shoot. The sun was here and so was the satisfaction of having been through this as a team, even when faced with so many setback throughout the past two years. I need to thank my team one last time, thanks to Sophie, Ophélie, Ophélia, Chimère, Clara et Éloïc for their patience.



Louisiane look


All in all, this is very good news for our Kissbankers. The outfits bought during the crowdfunding are now available to those who bought them. And now that we are going to finish the illustrations for the book, we'll be able to produce the goodies and other memorabilia rewards (postcards etc). Just give us the time to get the money, so they'll be ready around the end of summer to be sent out to you. 




It was a little bit difficult to write this newsletter because even though this isn't the end of this adventure, it closes a big chapter. Now, if you're a big reader like I am, you probably get this thing when ending something is frightful. It goes along with the excitement of turning pages. It's the fear of moving on from things and people, to dive into the unknown next. But nonetheless, I am very happy because it was more than time for me to focus on the book only.


Here's to our next chapter ! 

Lucie Béluga and the Lady Marmelade team.