Hello fellow kissbankers,


You might not follow us on social media, so it is time to keep you all updated. We promised good news, this is us delivering.


We started shooting again (let us remind you that without those photos, Chimère can't finish his paintings, without his paintings, the book lacks its illustrations, without a complete project we cannot pitch publishers, there can't be goodies for our kissbankers nor an exhibition ). The shooting was very physical but we keep holding on. A third shooting is planned for next Saturday, please wish us luck on this one.



The second shooting outfits by Clara Maeda



Sophie's assistant for the day, Kotetsu



Ophélie doing what she does best



in between looks


Mostly we won a pitch contest at Paris book fair, which implies that a first edition of the first installment of Lady Marmelade's adventures will be published this summer !




We'll talk about it again but in the meantime, thank you for your support and patience. None of this could have been able without you. Here's the video of the pitching session at the book fair (it's in French sorry :/)


Have a nice sunday, talk to you soon !

Lucie Béluga and the rest of the Lady Marmelade's team


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