Because writing also means living and living is to keep holding on even in the difficult moments of life, I had to momentarily step back from the social medias. However, let it be known that the Marmelade project is in no way on pause or that the team is just basking in the sun enjoying your pledges. :) We're far far from that ! I thought about sending three smaller theme-centered messages but since I wouldn't want to frustrate anyone any longer, here's everything you need to know so that you can pick any information you'd need.



The novel is going slower than planned because I spend most of my days writing to pay the rent. But the good thing, is that it is going very well. We are also trying to assemble documents in order to create a future exhibition portfolio that visitors will be able to order online. I also started to write the little "how to get published" since before shopping a manuscript around, one needs to know how to write a manuscript. Indeed, it seemed useful to give you a few tips to get started and not give up on your future book. As I will explain in the preface, I am of course far from being an expert ! Yet I've tried to get published for a while and succeeded in that accumulating many mistakes. This guide will list them to make you save time. The idea behind those guides is to provide comfort and motivational guidance for your own projects.



All the drafts have been drawn by Clara Maeda, and soon enough you will be able to get an exclusive look at them. We took measurements and did our first fittings through skype since Clare lives in Japan. It was fun in a way to tell that we had a meeting with the other side of the planet at one in the morning. Internet makes time difference very easy ! The working corset was incredibly comfortable ! I can't even begin to imagine how the final pieces will be wonderful. For the next fittings, we have been lucky enough to catch our costume maker during a flash trip to France. Again the pieces point toward final masterpieces.



When we met I took a chance to give the cooking lesson I owed to Clara's family. A very happy day folding samossas (creole dish) and teaching them an Indian recipe. Every one participated and I believe my "students" where quite happy with this experience. It made me want to go back to cooking a little and I hope that I will be able to tell you more about that in the future.


Other incentives reached their Kissbankers, Pierre chose the notebook in which I will write for him a manuscript version of the story. Iman got her cushions etc.


In the next few weeks, I will finish my recipe for the vegan curd and keep working on the novel.


Of course, since the project is taking longer than we drafted, if you are no longer satisfied or wish to get your pledge back, I am more than inclined to make sure we reach an arrangement. We want to produce a perfect labor and not a sloppy project which implies everyone takes his or her time. We are particularly happy of the freedom you all offered to us through this campaign and we WILL make sure that the results hold up to your expectation and patience. We will now send you a weekly newsletter so keep an eye open for us


There you go, talk to you soon and may I had a kiss on both of your considerate cheeks !


Lucie Béluga and the rest of the lady Marmelade team.


PS : If anyone out there had a Mac Adobe suite to lend to me, we could get back to a more Lady Marmelade like layout for our Gazettes ! (Don't worry we'll get there soon).