05 Aug


Thank you

For this participation to our little card castle. 

For following us, eyes wide shut, when honnestly we sometimes didn't know where we would even go.

For supporting a relentless spam on each network we were. 

For bearing when everything would get on my nerves, when my schedule would change at the last minute, my bitten nails, and my vegan food litanies.

For not taking personnaly those same nerves when I would become slighty tyrannical with my requests for you to pledge here.

For broadcasting our voices beyong our family and friends circles.

For having us laugh and breath when the air was getting thinner and burnt our eyes.

For giving when you had almost nothing.

For pledging a second or a third time, commenting, liking when we needed you to.

For believing when others just ignored.


Thanks to you, this is the beginning of an amazing adventure, a journey that is not only that of our favorite ginger lady. I hope that this story, this exhibition may even change a few lives.


I will never be able to thank you enough, but whoever you are, if you read this, please know that I love you, as I most rarely say it. 


Lucie Béluga and the rest of project Marmelade's team.