FOOD. With writing and the sky, as far as I can remember, it has always been an obsession, a pleasure, a passion. I was always first at the table, always last to clear up my plate. It is no coincidence, if  my first cookbook has already been published, while my novels, short stories etc are still gathering dust inside my drawers. No accidental happening either when Chimère asked me to write about his Lady Marmelade. With such a name, transforming her travels into a scrumptious Odysseus was not only logical, but also quite obvious. This probably explains better why so many pledges dealt with food. Even though we take our time to get back to our kissbankers, I wanted to tell you about a few of those special retributions. 


1) The cooking lesson


Clara Maeda's mom happily surprised me by getting this compensation. Therefore last winter, I traveled by train to Normandy with my spices satchel to give the very first cooking lesson of my life ! Initially planned for one person this lesson was to be taught in front of 5 multilingual very good cooks. Despite the challenge, I had an amazing time. We cooked a curry and some samossas in a warm and joyful atmosphere until late in the afternoon. Probably busy with the memory of this great afternoon, none of us remember where the pictures of this day eneded up hahaha. 


2) The picnic 


This summer, the awesome Élodie met me in the Vincennes woods (next to Paris) for a picnic that I am still proud of to this day. In the menu were, a grilled graffiti eggplant tower with 2 pestos and a cashew cheese, mini fennel, onion and Vegusto cheese pizzas, salads, gazpachos and smoothies. All homemade, all vegan, as Élodie is also a non omnivore like me. I think she enjoyed my selection. 




3) The Take-out dinner


Au couple of days ago, Steven and I finally set a day for his compensation (I had been stalking and annoying him for months hahaha). I added a few surprises to my delivery and I am particularly happy because even though my "Chicken Masala" happened to be vegan, Steven told me they ate it all (and there was a lot to eat ^^) and liked it. 




In a nutshell, even though things are going more slowly than in other crowdfunding projects, we are getting even, one kissbanker at a time. It is something very dear to my heart, as much as driving the Marmelade project to its final production.


See you next week for other cool news !


Lucie Béluga and the Lady Marmelade team.