Art projects are like wild animals in winter. Their rhythm slows down, while they feed on whatever it is that they harvested during the year. Lady Marmelade, is no different and hibernation time is over with fresh and positive news ! 
Clara brought us the last costumes of the set. Opening the bag was even more moving than the previous times as this ends a big chapter in our project. The next newsletters will present them to you chapter by chapter.
For the moment, the costume photoshoot is still delayed as one of our team members still has health issues. We are taking 2 months to think about what can be done. 2 months during which Chimère is working on our awesome website and 2 months while we are going to wait for answers from literary agents we started pitching. We will get into more details later.
Meanwhile, the kissbankers who chose a kit featuring several souvenirs from Lady Marmelade's trips just received a box containing not only the curry spices shown to you previously but also spices to make their own flavored rum. Those spices are coming from La Réunion island that I got to visit recently. My room smells amazing now !
Also going to the post office this week, a new batch of Lady Marmelade curd for the rare people who received their jar broken. We took extra care this time of the parcels to make sure you would get it in one piece.
As always, the incentives are shipped a few ones at a time. It is an unscheduled budget (we'll know for next time) and we can only afford so much each month.
Next on the list is the Tea Party, the date is set, the tea parlor reserved, the menu ordered, I can't wait to be there !
Thanking you yet again for being so patients !
Lucie Beluga & Lady Marmelade team