French gastronomy at home

French gastronomy at home

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French gastronomy at home

Our project in a few words:

Gastronomy at home: following the Covid-19 sanitary crisis, the French have developed the habit of consuming better products at home. We are therefore responding to this desire and this new habit by offering local, healthy, good for health products, 100% French and securely delivered to home.

Our store will offer two segments of products.

  • The catering segment will offer French gourmet recipes cooked by our chef, to enjoy the same day, alone or with the family. 
  • The delicatessen segment will offer products with long shelf life: cannery, vacuum-packed fish and meats, dry products, spirits and soft drinks.

The selection of products will cover from breakfast to dinner, including snacks and original aperitifs.

Our products will come from :

  • Reasoned agriculture
  • Respecting sustainable development
  • Local producers
  • 100% French and seasonal productions

We are keeping up with our time, working with passionate producers, including some of the best "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France", to help people eat local products.

Our approach includes an ecological and sustainable dimension for the environment, all the products will be presented in returnable or recyclable containers, produced in France.

The creators and the origins of our project:

Now settled on the French Riviera and always looking for good addresses, we quickly realised that there was a lack of local service on traditional French cuisine.

Our problematic was the following :

  • It is not possible to get a good, deli meal delivered to the office or in the evening at home. Even though some brasseries offer traditional dishes for lunch.
  • Often the dishes available on delivery are fatty and rich, unsuitable for our well-being.
  • Many of our friends have often expressed this desire to find good, balanced French recipes at home, rather than having to order sushi, fast food or an Indian or Chinese dish. 

We wanted to combine the possibility of having fun at home by tasting a good dish prepared just as in a restaurant, or simply by supplying good products to create a chef's or family meal without having to run to the supermarket.

Our desire and our vision of French gastronomy is to :

  • Distribute French flavors, ultra fresh products 
  • Preserve the environment
  • Promote local producers. 

The name Maison Joia also takes on its full meaning, because "Joia" means "joy" in Provençal.

The project in detail

We started working on our project in May 2020, following the confinement. Having lived in two different cities, we both realised that the French citizens would really benefit from such a service.

Our banking partner was quickly won over by the project. Even the banking employees would love to take advantage of our services. We have nevertheless waited a long time before receiving a positive response from them in this context.

We have their approval for the financing of the works to be carried out, but we would need at least € 10,000 more to finance our latest investments.

We have chosen our location, central in the city of Nice, in order to benefit from a good location and to offer our products to as many people as possible.

With the goal of opening our store in December we have little time to do everything before Christmas, and your help, no matter how little, will be welcomed.

Your role in our adventure:

After the Nice store, we want to extend our concept to other cities, in order to develop gastronomy at home. If you want to meet us in your city one day, please give us a little help!

Our products will also be available in an online store, delivered to your home within 24 hours. We look forward to sharing our products with you.

Allocation of funds

A few figures, but not too many ...

The total amount required for the launch of our project is € 72,500.

Our personal investment is € 12,500, we receive € 50,000 in funding from our partner the bank.

The € 11,000 that we ask you will be used to finish purchasing our presentation refrigerators to refine the decoration and the enhancement of our products. On which our design partner has worked beautifully.

Thank you so much for your support 

Don't hesitate to contact and follow us on social medias :

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Reward featured

A surprise product to indulge at home


A very big thank you for your generosity! Receive at home a basket full of flavors, created especially for our generous donors. Let yourself be seduced by an assortment of our producers and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
  • Availability: 30/30
  • Estimated delivery March 2021

Our deepest gratitude


Any contribution, even the smallest, helps us to move forward with our project! Thank you

    Our deepest gratitude


    Any contribution, even the smallest, helps us to move forward with our project! Thank you

      Enjoy your dishes with ecological cutlery


      To thank you we offer you a set of bamboo cutlery, washable and reusable. For your meals away from home.
      • 1 backer
      • Availability: 29/30
      • Estimated delivery March 2021

      A surprise delicatessen


      To thank you, we would like to share with you a moment of pleasure, by discovering a surprise product, directly from the Alpes Maritimes: local flavors awaits you.
      • 1 backer
      • Availability: 49/50
      • Estimated delivery March 2021

      A bamboo lunch box with cutlery


      Our approach includes a sustainable development vision. Our products are distributed in ecological, recyclable or returnable containers. You too can add your stone to the building by enjoying your meals in this bamboo box, washable and recyclable with its cutlery. Thank you so much !
      • Availability: 50/50
      • Estimated delivery March 2021

      A recycled cotton tote bag


      To thank you for your generosity, we suggest you do your shopping in a reasoned way thanks to the recycled cotton tote bag. Combine your well-being approach with sustainable development.
      • Estimated delivery March 2021

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