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The Marathon Des Sables is a foot race, in stages, food self-sufficiency with a backpack of at least 6.5 kg (which can reach 15 kg for some). The distance is 230 to 250 kilometers.








• The course consists of six stages that are run in seven days. The longest stage is between 80 and 100 km. The other stages are between 20 and 42 km long. The race takes place in the Sahara near Ouarzazate (south-eastern Morocco).


• Each participant bears his or her own backpack with food, drinks, sleeping bag, etc. The water and tents are controlled by the organization. The route is determined each year. Participants therefore not know in advance where they will run. During the day, a temperature of 40 degrees or greater are reached, and at night the mercury falls to 5 degrees Celsius. Each participant must be medically approved. Every 10 to 12 miles, the participants receive 1.5 liters of water and is a specialist medical team standing by.


• The route of the Marathon des Sables is very varied. • You walk through sand dunes and mountains (up to 1000m), dried rivers and salt lakes where bushes and stones are not rare in contrast to a city or oasis






With 35 nationalities represented in 2008, this race is a cultural meeting point. A reflection of the world's societies in which neither age nor social class does matter. They are all equal, and not all animated the same project: finish the race heads high. Whether we're first or last, just finish it. In as arrivals, everyone gathers to accommodate latecomers. The nearer the latter, the more world was there to encourage them. The person who will close the race is always the most applauded.


barbara plovier


Why fund it?

Take part in the Marathon Des Sables brings high costs with it.    


To finance all I need 4500 euro.


  - Registration: 3100 euro


The total entry fees from Paris, includes:   air transport Paris / Morocco / Paris, bus transportation • Morocco, stewardship • package • bivouac • hotels (2 days 1/2 board) • Water for the duration of the test,  


- Material: +/- 1500 euro    


The target has been set at € 4,500,    


A big thank you in advance to all the kissbankers !!!   




• Backpack Marathon Des Sables or equivalent: 190 euros • Sleeping bag: 100 euro • Headlamp with spare batteries: 80 euros • 10 safety pins: 5 euros • Compass 1 ° or 2 ° precision: 39 euros • Lighter: 10 euros • Whistle: 10 euros  • Metal blade: 50 euros • Disinfectant: 6 euro • Uitzuigpomp: 25 euros • Signal-signal mirror: 3,90 euro • Survival blanket: 4 euros • Tube sunscreen: 19,50 euro • € 200 or currency equivalent • breastpiece: 10 euros • Canes: 100 euros • Clothing: 200 euros • Shoes: 150 • sleeping mat: 50 euros • Meals: 350 euros • Sahara cap: 20 euros • Cook Saucepan: 18 euros • Shoe: 15 euros • 2 pair of socks: 50 euros


Ik ben een mama met een grote passie voor lopen. Mijn passie voor lopen is door de jaren heen alleen maar toegenomen en heeft ook een evolutie doorgemaakt. Na vele wedstrijden op de weg heb ik de trail leren kennen. Dat was een ware openbaring. De combinatie van fysieke inspanning en de ongerepte natuur hebben me sindsdien niet meer losgelaten. Lopen in... See more

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