“ À U CELENTE ” Musical Creations On The Theme Of Cultural Mixture

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Like the 2012-14 Latin American sessions upstream*, the upcoming residencies will lead metamorphosed collectives to musical compositions as well as to writing workshops. Texts co-written in Corsican, Italian, Argentine Castilian, Lunfardo, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Gallego, Portuñol, Mapudungun, Quechua, Catalan, Occitan, Gaelic, Euskara, French & English… will be set to music for the outdoor audiovisual recording of concept albums and videos via the workshops daily assembled in situ.

The challenge in a spirit of bravery shall close with public performances in the nature of acoustic concerts "À U CELENTE" (under the stars) given at the end of these international meetings MATETEMA-TEMAMATE II.

*El Puente del Inca (Argentina)


"Time is invention, or it is nothing at all"

The Creative Evolution of Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

Creative Evolution is a philosophical work written by Henri Bergson in 1907. In this book, Bergson develops the idea of ​​a "permanent creation of novelty" by nature.

Finalism and Mechanism :

Bergson debates the finalist explanation and the mechanistic explanation of evolution, respectively defended by traditional metaphysics (inherited from Leibniz and, before him, from Aristotle and emphasizing final causes, or goals) and by modern science (inherited from Descartes and emphasizing "efficient causes", scientific "causality").

Bergson shows that these two visions, which are often opposed, mean in fact the same in the treatment of evolution. They consist in supposing that everything is given from the start, in advance :  either with the aim that one imagines pursued, from the beginning, "in spirit" by nature, or in the whole of the starting material parameters or in the presence - from which one could deduce exactly what has not yet happened.

“Mural Carnaval de La Boca”, Benito Quinquela Martín. (1)

Vital Impetus:

To the two preceding positions, Bergson opposes his own concept of "vital impetus": there is no plan "already foreseen" - of actually foreseen as in the case of Finalism, nor of simply foreseeable as in the case of Mechanism. The idea is that evolution is unpredictable, that "the world goes on an adventure," that it "ceaselessly invents itself" with no preexisting path traced behind but a journey, one way or another.


Creativ’- Lab

The multidisciplinary "Creativ’- Lab" program will start with a first day where, after the five artists moving in, an “ice-breaker” garden  party will be offered.

At the same time, the whole team will be able to make each other acquaintances while discovering the proposal for workshops, public performances and highlights : These multi-cultural exchanges should lead the collectives audio-visual production of MATETEMA-TEMAMATE next sessions to a successful end.

Conventillo de la Boca Quinquela

Participants inspiration will be driven by the main theme of these international meetings : the creativity aroused by cultural mixture and conceptual for these sessions scheduled from 2021 in the great outdoors as close as possible to natural elements and acoustic sound. This is why picnics and tastings will be provided for lunchtime meals thanks to local and eco-responsible producers. 

Moreover the virtuosos themselves would be glad to take part of the “Conventillos & Slow Food Dinners” (2) by in turn choosing and carefully preparing recipes in situ almost every evening during their stay. 


Alchemy of words and accented resonances

As it took place in the conventillos (3) of Buenos Aires during its demographic explosion (4) at the end of the 19th century when the famous tango (5) was born within the milongas, alchemy of words and accented resonances emanating from each cultural background and state of mind should propel collectives teams towards the harmonious poetic fiction necessary to achieve the bucolic creative evolutionary aim of MATETEMA-TEMAMATE project second part.







Allocation of funds

The funds shall be allocated to the first launch costs, that is to say those already included in our total estimated budget of 50 000 € for a unique “Creativ’ Labo” session made up of 5 artists, 2 technicians and 2 production managers / AD per residence, in other words a magic number of approximately 5555, 555555 ... € for each one of the 9 participants :

- part of business trips expenses (mainly for pinpointing, spotting of setting and those concerning the various meetings with the partners, in particular the place of residence)

- part of the operating costs, communications and cultural action costs (particularly in the first instance to raise public and private funds and access to calls for cultural projects)

- the expenses planned for numerous performances to come before entering the residence in the form of outdoors smarty mob clips soon available on youtube channel in the nature of teasers !!! 

The work in process downhill , the production launch and its roaming expected at the very beginning of springtime 2021, will be optimized thanks to your support and / or contribution to the financing of the MATETEMA-TEMAMATE II project supported by LuCreAttivu ® AUTO-PRO-PULSION ENGRAVING STYLE.

In a way to imagine the cultural bridge that will be the second chapter of the project, feel free to follow the links of e-shops & platforms where all tunes already released are available in an integral way : fruits harvested with grand willingness from MATETEMA-TEMAMATE I, the independent self-propelled collective from South America in 2012-13…

 Le Lion de Roccapina (Corsica)

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