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Mondkabarett Désarticulé

The ensemble "Mondkabarett" is formed of 6 musicians (vocals,piano,violin/viola,cello, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet) and was created in Rennes in 2018. Our project started with Arnold Schönberg's emblematic piece "Pierrot Lunaire", and then developed with a second part, made of arrangements (made by our pianist) of Kurt Weil's songs. We brought these two composers together around the themes of the moon and the cabaret: the Mondkabarett was born. Our next objective is to perform in Switzerland, in Zurich (where our clarinettist, Fanny Chellé, has been living for several years), in July 2022, in order to open our project to a more international stage. Our concert will be presented in a new form, renamed "Mondkabarett Désarticulé". In order to propose a shorter version and to integrate a more educational part for the public, the piece of Schönberg will be shortened and the songs of Kurt Weil mixed with Pierrot Lunaire will come to create a scenic and musical unit of only one piece. The musicians of the ensemble "Mondkabarett": Sophie Belloir: singing Chani Stroobant: violin and viola Lucie Montbessoux: flute and piccolo Pierre Rouinvy: piano and arrangement Fanny Chellé: clarinet and bass clarinet Claire Martin-Cocher/David Poro: cello

Allocation of funds

We need your help to finance our concerts in Zurich. The money collected will allow us to pay for the rental of a concert hall, for the transportation and accommodation of the musicians, but also for scenic elements that will illustrate our music and the universe of Mondkabarett.


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Every participation counts, and the whole Mondkabarett team thanks you for your help.

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We owe you an eternal gratitude for your help! For every contribution of 100euros or more, we will organize a meeting with the Mondkabarett team, you will also get invitations for our next concerts.

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