Victoria Lys : 1st pop Album

Participate to the production of my 1st pop Album, its recording, and its promotion... and let's dream together !

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Victoria Lys : 1st pop Album

About the project...

The project is the production and promotion of a pop music album (or EP : 5 to 8 tracks), a fresh, authentic and melodious album...

After 2 small experiences of recording in the past, this project is my first real pop album, and also first english album. English is my favorite langage. Songs are both pop and romantic, and influenced by my own life experiences.

After  hours and days of writing, composing, and singing in my living-room, after years of come-back-and forth between music and life, and after a few experiences of concerts that were very encouraging, it is time for me now to step out into this new phase : the launching of a pop music album...

This is why this project is so important and precious to me.



About me...

I have always been writing and creating songs. It's a part of my DNA. I was born for that, and I would like to fulfill my dream : to do music full time. So this album represents for me a key to fulfill this dream.

I live in the east of France where I was born, and where I cultivate a passion for God, a love for life, for nature, and authentic things. Some travels to different countries, and especially to the US, have increased my love for this people and made me feel like to sing in english.

When I was little, i was organizing singing competitions with my sister, with the hair-brush as a mic...and in middle school, when teachers were asking me what I wanted to do later, I was always answering : I want to be a singer.



Today, I think that life is short and that it is still time to fulfill my dream... this is why this project is particularly important to me. it represents a possibility to accomplish it : to live out my music.


The steps of the project...

My goal is to launch the album by december 2020. The different steps include : studio recording, music arrangements and production, mixing and mastering, promotion, and if possible, the production of at least a clip...


Allocation of funds

Album production : 3500 $Clip production : 1000 $, Promotion : 2500$, KKBB commission : 560 $

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