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Music Competition Online

Our history :

Musique Competition Online is an international digital classical music competition. This project, born during COVID-19, was thought up and organized by the association Opus Artis Paris, which administers its actions in the musical sector (socio-educational sector) with a high priority given to the pedagogical axis. 

 The initial objective of the 2019 competition was to offer musicians an alternative in terms of visibility and professional opportunities on an international scale, as a counterpart to the isolation caused by periods of confinement and the prohibition of gatherings in places of culture. 

The project in detail :

Given that the health situation continues to stagnate, we would like to offer a second edition of the Music Competition Online in this year 2021. 

The money raised would allow us to honor the winners' prizes, have more prestigious juries and ensure the development of the structure. It would also help us to improve our management of relay platforms and of broadcasting of participants (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, Bilibili, Weibo, WeChat).

Counterparties and the role of contributors:

To thank our contributors, we offer them a CD of the Anima Records label's choice (to all participants from €20 donation).

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