Help us put our healthy & organic VEGAN food on two wheels!!! Delivered to your door (home, office or hotel) in PARIS, France!

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In Paris, France, we don't have petrol but we have very nice legs! A much cleaner and environmentally friendly natural resource, oui! To get to where you need to go in our gorgeous city on a bike, c'est top! You work out, you are environmentally friendly AND the entire city breathes easier!


My Kitch'n Batignolles is an organic VEGAN restaurant made in Paris! Our dishes and desserts are as healthy as they are yummy! Everything is organic, seasonal, lactose free, mostly gluten free, and - whenever possible - locavore. We are so GREEN all of our to-go stuff is meticulously purchased as well: no plastic, no thanks! We try to avoid it to the max. Our on-location straws are of stainless steel, our to-go containers are of paper, and our cold drinks cups are made out of beet starch.


We've been in the Batignolles area of the 17th arrondissement in Paris for a bit over 2 years now. At first, we were a stall in the covered market Marché Couvert des Batignolles. Now we have a pretty little store-front at 82 rue Lemercier. Hello, window to the world!










We've had the intention to put deliveries in place for a while now. To get going, we need a little bit of help! Your help! You, our loyal clients, and you, our imaginary clients, who can't stop drooling every time we put a new photo on our Facebook or Instagram... Help us further our reach, to feed more people, who are starving for some good VEGGIE food!
















We hope you will help us liven up the two-wheel gastronomy scene in Paris, that is often so repetitive, by adding our VEGGIE savoir faire to the offering, bringining some VEGAN food to the table...  


Who am I ?


Founder of My Kitch'n, an enthusiastic advocate for organic healthy living, and for respecting our furry friends by not mistreating them or eating them. I've been cooking vegan food for a mostly non-vegan population in my restaurants 6 days per week for the past 2 years and then some. Aware of your demands to bring my food to you, when you can not come to me, I think it is time to put My Kitch'n on two wheels! What do you think? 




Allocation of funds

PROBLEM: SOS to get to the restaurant, specially on your lunch break (which is often way too short) or when in town for business, can be hard. But you still want to eat well! You want to eat better! You want to eat VEGGIE! You want to eat VEGAN!


SOLUTION: My Kitch'n on 2 wheels! If you can't come see us (though we hope you will because our place is really cute), we will come to you! Slowly but surely. We will start small, with a restricted delivery zone. And when we are no longer rookies in the green and veggie transport world, we will expand to have larger and larger delivery zones.



Your money will be used for the following:


Servicing the bike (it's been confined to our cellar for a while): 100 €


Stabilizing the steel box (that the food will be transported in) with a mini trailer and equipping the bike a bit more/better for the security of the driver:  850 €


2 very CHIC bike helmets because, no, VEGAN doesn't necessarily = HIPPIE ! And when we're rolling on the streets of Paris representing you, we want to make us all look good: 200 €


Building and hosting an online ordering engine to be added to our already existing website where you can safely place you orders with your credit card: 850 €



If we exceed our goal, the extra money will be used for the following:


Hiring someone quicker than planned (and paying them...), to be up and running ASAP 2000 €


Reimbursing the cost of the first bike, that we've already purchased (which will help us buy a second one quicker) 1400 €


Surprise accessory (really, but REALLY, too cool, but very pricy) 600 €


A bientôt !



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