My Sketching Tour : Belgium

Help me to build a new life as an artist et make my hobby a new job.

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My Sketching Tour : Belgium

The idea is to travel making paintings and sketches like many artists with a small set of watercolors.


Who am i ?


I was a webdesigner and i post my "creation" on social media, mostly instagram, as Eltinois or emaginstudio. In my ex-job i was unsatisfied, spécially when i can't draw or making story.

So on my freetime, as a hobby, i start to sketch a lot. when i'm not working i spend my day to draw, painting and learning something new to improve my skills as an artist.

Banner_540px_biot-1510606098 Summer and meeting people in Paris


My favourite technic is watercolor and ink, let the water flow over the paper. I try to create an atmosphere and to reach that goal i drew :

- Outside, on location with other urbansketchers

- From imagination like many illustrator/artists.

2017_09_05_into_thewood-1511215258 The forest of Fontainebleau


Be an artist and try to make a living is my new goal and for that i treated my hobby like a regular job. Traveling is a nice idea to make orginal illlustration and imrpove myself. This xperience can be used for making books, comics and maybe an online store and sell printings of my work.

2017_09_16_corbeil_essonnes_mairie-1511215040 Corbeil Essone City Hall


How it's work ?


Drawing on location but with 2 differents parts :

- Making landscape and try to share an atmosphere/ambiance

- A daily diary to show the city with a fresh eye. food, hotel, people i can met, funny and hard time.

Initialy my trip was accross europe with 12 cities but it is a huge and very expansive project. So i decided to start with belgium and amsterdam. If i had more money i will travel further with others country. i plan to start in 2018, maybe at may.



Allocation of funds

The money will be in my bank account, minus expanses with bank and kisskiss bankbank, no more company or intermmediate account. I started this as an artist.

Funding this project will serve the trip, expanses (hotel, food etc.), all the rewards and printing, shipping, art supplies and the work before printing like scanning the paintings, working with photoshop etc.

If i had more money this is the list of cities i want to visit :

(Brussels, Lieges, Ghent et Tournai) + Amsterdam ------------------> 4 648€

(June 2018) + Berlin ------------------------------------------------------------> 6 787€

(June 2018) + Warsaw --------------------------------------------------------> 8 626€

(July 2018) + Vienna -----------------------------------------------------------> 10 585€

(July 2018) + Budapest -------------------------------------------------------> 12 534€

(Aug 2018) + Bucharest ------------------------------------------------------> 14 473€

(Aug 2018) + Sofia -------------------------------------------------------------> 16 312€

(Aug 2018) + Prague ----------------------------------------------------------> 18 181€

(Sept 2018) + Madrid ---------------------------------------------------------> 20 190€

(Sept 2018) + Lisbon ---------------------------------------------------------> 22 289€

(Sept 2018) + Naples ---------------------------------------------------------> 24 348€




I will share my destinations, location, when and were i will be and people i will met, on social media (instagram, facebook). if you want to share a drink, no problem.

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