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Alone I go fast, together we go far!

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Neist Season / EP Morning Stars Pre-order

Neist Season is a musical project started in 2018 where I produce and perform my music myself, the objective is to mix indie rock and synth music. My texts are in English and travel, the ocean and the immense natural landscapes inspire me.

"Neist" is in reference to a place, the Neist Point, located in Scotland and "Season" to recall the importance of the natural elements in my texts.




Allocation of funds

Producing music in the studio, financing a video clip, starting the production of CDs are expensive. Last year the project was able to finance itself through concerts and cd sales but this year it has been much more difficult. I took the risk of offering you a 3rd Ep anyway.


Who will get the money?


The money will be transferred to the account of the Association  Neist Season.

What purpose?

Pay back the advanced costs for the production of the EP.


  • By supporting the project you will have my music in the format you have chosen and before everyone else.


  • The target to be reached is 100 pre-orders. If this goal is not reached I do not touch anything and I can't send the presales. You will then be refunded.


I challenge you! I need you for share this pot online on the networks and to speak about it around you. Together we can succeed, the rest of the Neist Season project depends on it.

Alone I go fast, together we go far!

See ya!




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