Notre Avenir : La Ferme

The Farm. Help us realize our dream.using renewable energy in our daily farming activities.

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Notre Avenir : La Ferme



















Allocation of funds

This campaign will enable us primarily to open new opportunities on the way to modernization of methods used in agriculture.



"Today, we are looking for in a participatory KissBankers mind so that the project can enrich each other's experiences. "




  So, do not hesitate to help a small farm in Tunisia that will help a village made his living! A big thank you in advance for your support!

Choose your reward


Many thanks and more that your name will be in the list of contributors in our website that will be available soon.


    A postcard containing a beautiful landscape of this village will be sent. With thanks in the back of the card.
    • Availability: 300/300
    • Estimated delivery July 2015


    A homemade plate of copper where your name will be engraved.
    • Availability: 10/10
    • Estimated delivery December 2015


    A traditional piece of pottery will be delivered.
    • Availability: 20/20
    • Estimated delivery December 2015


    A project visit in the morning with a breakfast in the countryside.
    • Availability: 2/2


    Spend a day in the village and witness the olive harvest.
    • Availability: 2/2
    • Estimated delivery December 2015


    Three days and two nights in the countryside including a day of hunting rabbits and pigeons.
    • Availability: 1/1
    • Estimated delivery December 2015


    A weekend in a 4 star hotel in Sousse with transfer to visit the project.
    • Availability: 1/1
    • Estimated delivery July 2016

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