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Welcome to the world of Nouvelle Ere ! Check out our project and support us in the creation of the first episode of the series !

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Nouvelle Ere Projet

I’m Laurent Ceglia, 33 years old, and I’ve been working in the cinema and entertainment industry for 10 years. Today, I’d like to present to you an original project I’ve been working on for several years now. Nouvelle Ere is an ambitious transmedia project that my team and I are currently developing and producing. A series, a novel, a comic book, a mobile game, an ARG and a webseries, Nouvelle Ere is truly a 21st century creation.




Our series project:


We’re currently producing the first episode of the series Nouvelle Ere. Join us in a post­apocalyptic future where nature reasserted itself and embark with us on this epic journey


Synopsis of Episode 1 :

In a world where nature has reclaimed its rights, several factions are now fighting to defend their territories and their ideals through countless conspiracies and manoeuverings. Within the faction of Nérées, a young girl named Kassena sets out to discover the world to find a way to save her village




In this opening episode, we will present the universe, the characters, the costumes and our original sets. Filming is scheduled this summer 2016 at Fort Cormeille (95) and in the forest of Fontainebleau (77)! We will also work on post­production to deliver a first episode worthy of an American series American and appeal to your taste for adventure and to French and international TV channels.




A new generation to conquer television:

The project brings together a collective of artists, film technicians, actors, fashion designers and 2D and 3D graphic designers, who want to make it big! We want to show that we are capable of doing a “big budget” series with modest means and enough creativity! We are skilled professionals and we’re extremely motivated




We are passionate about series, movies, video games, mangas and with this series, we want to propose a journey throughout this entire universe that we love, so just follow us and enjoy the ride!


Just enjoy!



Do something great :


It is our ambition to combine the talents of each artist like the musicians in a symphony to create a unique work, something that’s one of a kind, an original script combined with a creative 2D and 3D visual world, amazing sound effects, a captivating score, surprising costume designs, a stunning fight choreography ....







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Why do we need funding?






We are far from the end of our project and we need your support! We are waiting for you to move forward! On behalf of the entire team a big THANK YOU!   Embark with us in the world of Nouvelle Ere, the adventure is just beginning ...




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