Ship the 3D voice sculpture “OBAMA Next Industrial Revolution” from France to New-York for the 3DPrintShow and present it to president Obama


Day -2 on 18! 


Nous sommes encore loin du compte, mais tout reste possible


c'est le moment de motiver les gens autour de vous!

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we only have 4 days (over 18 only) to complete this project!

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With you, the project "Obama Next Industrial Revolution" go to America is funded at 25%
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One of the reward for helping us go to New-York is exhibition of the sculpture one week at your location.







The exhibition will last a week.


It wil start with a conference by the artist, Gilles Azzaro. He will talk about his work, this sculpture, 3D printing and the impact this innovation will have in the industry.



You work in a company interested by 3D Printing and innovation : this exhibition is for you.



Mid-afternoon, it's the perfect timing to go chat with your boss about this.

Our pro-tip: let him think that he's the genius who got this idea ;-)


We just completed 15% of our funding.

Thank you! It means we are slightly ahead of our goal.





We updated our travel map!


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Now you can finance our trip to the 3DPrintShow by the kilometer.





We need 6000 € ($ 8.100), and the trip is 6.000km long (3.700 miles). So, for 1 € in, you help us for 1km.


You can choose to purchase 1 kilometer only (that's great), or purchase several kilometers (that's even more awesome !).


You'll get a very nice certificate stating which part of the trip you helped to fund.


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We reached and even outperformed the 10% step of our goal!




Very positive, and a lot of hope for a first day of campaign!



Thanks to You!


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