We have written, recorded and produced our rock album. Now we need your help for getting it on actual CDs!

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We are o-o-o, an independant rock band from Lyon.


We have always done everything on our own. We have built a great amount of our gear (stompbox effects, amplifiers, synthesizers), we write our songs together as a band, we record and engineer every piece of sound.


We have first released an EP named Screwdriver in early 2012, after nearly a year of work, tries, mistakes.


We started recording Octophone in december 2012.



With the help from our friends and a lot of time spent recording and mixing in a basement, we finally released our LP online, on June 23rd, 2013.



Of course, whatever happens, we will let anyone listen it for free.


But we want to go further and we need you for it. We want to hold our record with our hands ; we dream about a real-life CD, with a proper mastering and a gorgeous sleeve manufactured in Lyon, France.


Since we don't have either the necessary tools or the necessary skills, we need to fund them. If you like Octophone and if you'd like to see it amongst your other beloved records, this is your unique chance of pre-ordering it.

Allocation of funds

Mastering of the already-existant tracks


Manufacturing (or printing, depending on the amount of money collected) of CDs


Manufacturing of CD-sleeves by a local artist, in Lyon



Below, you can see an über fuzz effect stompbox, as available with the last level of counterparts. The enclosure is etched, then hand-painted and finally varnished. It is thus very robust.



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