Help us promote the first EP from The New Dawn, "Who Else Will?": An original Jazz-Folk performance of songs from India !!


The project

                                        The "Mini Street Album"                           

                                                  Our first EP!!  


   Prahl'ad and Jyoshna began to work briefly  together in London in 2008, and realised they shared a similar passion for the profound devotional/social songs of the Indian composer/spiritual master Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. But since then, they only had few opportunities to meet and play together as they lived in different countries.


   They now seek to create an intimate, western acoustic interpretation of these songs through their newly formed band:



                    and together, will embark on this EP called


                                              " Who else will? "




              These songs are sung in Bengali and English.


   They understand the challenges involved: that of understanding the inner meaning of the Bengali lyrics when their mother tongue is English and French; pronouncing the Bengali properly; practising the songs while residing in different countries, however, they are very committed to this project and want it to succeed. 


   This EP or Mini Street album is their first endeavour to record and share the sounds of this musical collaboration - a personal interpretation of these beautiful songs - that have been chosen because they resonate with the things they value most, the causes they fight for, and longings for a better, more just world.


   They hare also joined with some wonderful experienced musicians to work with them including Kavita Neumannova on Indian khol drum, Erik Azzopardi and Niko Chatalain on piano, Morgan Davies on Indian sarangi, Xavier Grau Cidatma on bass guitar and many others...




   To remain consistent with their musical universe, they attach great importance to the sound work that will materialize their artistic sensitivities. That's why they choose to work with the sound engineer LUKE HENDERSON at FLUKEPRODUCTIONS STUDIO in London



They are very excited to begin this new recording, and need your help to make it a reality !!


   "Our dream is that these songs will give the listener a sense of empowerment, and inspiration as they do for us, songs that create a new dawn in your heart, where hope lives and devotion thrives".  


    Below is a demo- video made  in London when promoting recording the song "Who else will?". We hope that you'll like it and that it will give you the inspiration to help us in our project....









Why fund it?


   Because the beauty and power of these songs can heal us from within, and that can only be positive in these difficult times. 


   Both of us have had experiences in our lives, where, on listening to these devotional songs we have been uplifted, and healed from within.  These songs are beautiful and for everyone, so to fully appreciate them some of us would like to hear them performed with local instruments and in an intimate, acoustic style. 


Regardless of one's origin, these songs open one's heart and bring joy, energy and inspiration.


   This is why we want to share these songs with you, so you too can enjoy the beauty and the limitless joy. 



   With your support, we will be able to pay for the recording, musicians and manufacturing costs for the  mini street album. We  will make our first 300 copies  with your kind and generous assistance



                                        Detailed budget:


- 3 days of recording and mixing:  1.287 Euros

- Mastering:  155 Euros for 3 songs

- Salary of the musicians:  1.126 Euros

- Accomodation: 96 Euros


                              The rest of the conception.


- Pressing 300 copies:  399 Euros

- Rewards:  300 Euros

- 8 % KissKissBankBank:  280 Euros


                                                   TOTAL= 3.643 Euros !!




                              If the gauge is exceeded


- Recording of a new song:  350 euros

- Printing other CDs and best packaging:  250 euros


                                              TOTAL= 700 Euros


                             How we see it:


   The band would start recording around the 17th of May for 3 days. Follow the mixing and mastering. We are hoping for a possible release in 15th June 2017. Rewards will be sent out during May-June. 


                            How it works?


   KissKissBankBank is one of the best crowdfunding platform that we have chosen to raise funds for this project. To carry it out, we have budgeted all the related expenses to 3.643 Euros.


   For each donation, a reward is given according the sum that you have given. You”ll find them all on the right side of this page.And why not have fun with our attractive EARLY BIRDS !!



 If you want to follow our project:







"The funds raised on this platform will be donated to Jyoshna La Trobe for the project exclusively"


                      Thank you so much from the deepest core of our heart !!


                             The New Dawn Team




The musical collaboration between Jyoshna and Prahla'd began more than seven years ago due to their mutual appreciation of each others musical interpretation of devotional/social songs. They are now embarking on their first Mini Street album together. This new MINI street album is based upon a simple idea: to make these profoundly beautiful songs... See more

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Namah Shivaya Jyoshna. Apologies for the smallness of my donation but who may support a miracle. Much love, Patricia Prema
Greetings! I just made a donation but please save on postage and do not send the badge - it will just save you more not to send it. I will look forward to the mp3 though. Lots of love to the both of you! Tina Tourin (Sevati)