Palumbo - Nouvel album

COOK IT ! Dernière galette de PALUMBO est prête et nous avons besoin de vous pour la finaliser !

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Palumbo - Nouvel album


This is a manifesto.

It could have been called "totally nasty, never happy!"

But this idea is already taken ... This, and not only that.



The latest phat disk from PALUMBO, after his tracks "Parfume ton corps" ZWAP (Barclay/BMG) and "WaitingMenopoz’’ (La Porcina).



This is a really dirty dish mixed with resourcefulness, friendship and an envy crying of revolt..

A friendship that is never put out by the tepid promises gleaned from here and there, nor the years gone by.



Take your time. The time to grow older, reflect, party, cross the seas, simmer a boiling flask, bar-hop and open your eyes and ears.



This culinary collective has participants from different worlds who are brought together through an invincible, yet profound, connections. All sharing an addiction to create this album.


COOK IT! It is now ready to be served, thanks to the inventiveness of Palumbo. Mobilizing his energy and talents as a producer, with his chaotic approach in the studio.

He now invites you in to taste his bitter-sweet musical stroll. Sometimes serious, sentimental, passionate, visionary, funny, and always without calculation.


Allocation of funds

- 900 euros pour le mastering au Studio DirectTone

- 1600 euros de pressage de 1000 CD en digitack 

- 700 euros pour le graphisme de la pochette (création et mise en page de la pochette )

- 700 euros de SDRM ( paiement des droits de reproduction mécanique à la Sacem )

- 1500 euros pour la promo (envois presse et radio et envois des cd aux kisskissbankbankers) 


Nous aurions besoin de 5400 euros, afin d'être sûr de réaliser notre projet,  nous proposons une collecte de 2500 euros.

Nous espérons, avec votre soutien, dépasser ce montant et atteindre la somme nécessaire pour finaliser  notre album dans les meilleures conditions.

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