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Water is Life

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The founder of our project -Martin Komba- was raised in a small village in Tanzania named Imalanguzu. Tanzania is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, yet water and sanitation remains one of the major problems around the country. Rural areas are very poor, with around one third of the rural population classified as living below the poverty line. Only 57% of Tanzania’s population of 57 million have access to an improved source of safe water. Under these circumstances people, particularly women and girls, spend a significant amount of time traveling long distance to collect water.

During his semester abroad in Germany Martin decided to step up, take action and join the non-profit organization Enactus. In the following semester he established a project to raise money to help the people in his village.

Now we are 9 students from the Hochschule Furtwangen University in Schwenningen. Together, we want to make a contribution to implement our project for sustainable development.

Tanzania is well known for its hand-made products which reflects their culture around the world. To overcome and eradicate this water problem, our Enactus-team has been importing and selling traditional Tanzanian bags here in Germany. These bags were produced by sewers in Imalanguzu with 100% cotton. Sewers in Tanzania only have a monthly income of 110 Euros each month. Amounting to 1320 Euros a year. We give them the opportunity to earn around 200 Euros each month by selling the bags. As a result, we want to help them raise money by which a water pump will be installed, so that all the natives of the village and nearby places can get clean drinking water to sustain a better and healthy life.

Allocation of funds

We have already produced two different bags -backpags and shopping bags- and sold them at the Christmas Market in Schwenningen.

And we have many reasons to look very optimistic into the future of our project. One of them is that we are ready to approach retailers to sell our bags in stores and partners to support our business. Additionally, it is a tradition in our university for every freshmen student  to receive a bag with the symbol of our university, we would like to supply our university with a “special edition” of our bags for the students of our campus. This would result in a huge contract to produce at least 650 bags for our faculty twice a year.

Therefore we estimate that any time soon we will be able to let the sewers of Imalanguzu produce 700 backpacks and further around 50 shopping bags.

The money that we will receive will be used for the production and delivery of our bags.

Our raw materials are bought regionally and we have to invest 2 Euros during fabrication for each bag and an additional euro for special material for the backpag. Then the raw materials are used by the sewers in Imalanguzu to actually produce our bags. The sewers get a salary per bag of 1,00 € and are therefore able to earn 200 euros each month. In the end we want to sell the bag for 15 and 20 Euros and therefore make a profit per bag of around 9 and 14 Euro.

This will be the starting point to build a non-profit enterprise that will run through our website. Because our final goal is to enable the sewers in Tanzania to lead this business independently. After we have built up a solid customer base through retailers and partners the business can run without the help of the Enactus Team. Additionally we are able to decrease unemployment by increasing the number of sewers working for our project. The bigger the business grows and the more bags we produce, the more people we can employ.  We already have the commitment of many sewers in Imalanguzu to support our project and help extend the business. Therefore, they have the opportunity for an extra income and they can invest the money to build a social sustainable community.

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A huge thank you!

With 10€, you already contribute a great amount to our project! Thank you so much to help us implement our solution to answer the need of drinking water in Tanzania!
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We will send you a lovely post card from Tanzania to thank you personaly!
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A beautiful lamp designed as our association

Our personal designed lamp with our name and logo made by a 3D printer!
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A surprise object handmade in Tanzania!

Martin is going back to Tanzania and will send you a special and hand-made present from Tanzania.
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One of our handmade bags!

You will get one of the bags we are selling!

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