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- paradigm (n.m) : is a representation of the world, a way of seeing things, a true model of world perspective (disciplinary matrix, theoratical modelor school of thought). 






Who ?

PARADYGME is a project being held by Mylène and Juliette, a pair of fashion designers who have decided to create a fashion unisex brand. 



What ?

PARADYGME is an interpretation, a new way of wearing and living your clothes with freedom and without being held up by the codes.


The attention is brought to the aesthetic, the well-being, the fabrics, the cut, and the details. They are designed in mind for both men and women.






How ?

We have a collection of 18 items, tee-shirts, shirts, jackets and coats that are available in sizes S, M, L (discover on our website which size is more suitable).

We have made our first collection, collaborating with pattern-makers and garment factories.



Where ?

Our fabrics are bought in Paris, the production will also be made in Paris.

We have decided to launch our website in order to increase our visibility online in addition to the social media.


Our next step is to ensure optimal production and to start the new season, winter 2014/2015.




Allocation of funds

PARADYGME was an idea, today it is a concept that turned into a viable business.


In order to identify the important steps of launching our first collection, and to better understand what we need, we set up the following diagram.






With courage and perseverance, we the co-founders, Juliette and Mylène, have succeeded in the achievement of a collection and of a website .


Now, to bring out PARADYGME further, the key steps of our project are the production, to ensure an optimal making of the garments, and the events, to be known and to be seen.


And if we exceed the goal ?  This will allow us to fund the achievement of our e-shop on our website to facilitate online orders. But also to participate in professional trade shows such as Who's Next and Tranoï.





We believe in the precept, « united we stand, divided we fall » hence we developed this print (here to see the print). That is also why, we have decided to collaborate with creative and emerging talent, such as the photographer Masaki Härkönen for the shooting lookbook summer 2014. 






With our entire generosity and authenticity, we would like to thank all Kissbankers for :


* deciding to discover PARADYGME

* the time spent on our page

* the supportive comments

* deciding to fund PARADYGME

* kind advice

* word of mouth spreading

* deciding to be part of the adventure




Thank you !

Juliette & Mylène

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