Paris Music Tales : 1er album

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Paris Music Tales : 1er album

Hi !


Paris Music Tales is a trio created by guitarists Samy Zouari and Martin Gioani (myself). We love gypsy swing, waltzes, classical music and latin music (amongst others) and we love even more this city of Paris we live in. We want to share memorable moments with you, through our music and our compositions.



Most of our compositions have already been written, and these “music tales” of Paris tell different stories, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter : “grabuge”, “le charme discret”, baston !”, “Paris, la pluie”... We have yet recorded a few (unfinished versions) to give you a glimpse of it : watch the video just above.


The next step we want to take with Paris Music Tales is recording a CD with these compositions, for your enjoyment, for ours but also to make it easier for us to produce ourselves (and by the way, we’re looking for gigs : don’t hesitate to contact us).




We think that making a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to kick-start this project, by creating a direct relationship between you and us. Wherever you may live in the world, we can keep in touch if you help us making it happen.

Allocation of funds

For this recording to happen, we need a few euros. How much ?


- 2000 euros for recording + mastering

- 1000 euros for making 500 CDs + SDRM / SACEM copyright protection fees

- Design of the album + pictures : 500e


Let’s not forget 29% of legal fees (8% for KissKissBankBank, 23% of what remains for legal taxes).


We hope your contributions will be numerous and that we’ll reach 4000 euros. We even hope we’ll collect more than 4000 euros. If it’s the case, here is what we’ll do :


- 500 euros : Video shooting in Paris, in various places we love

- 1000e-2000e : Hiring a press officer

- 500e : Making an even better design for the album


We thank you deeply for your support ! Please share this with your friends and your family, through Facebook, Youtube, etc…


Update : 75 % already ! To thank all those who helped us, here are 2 new compositions "Paris, la pluie" and "Grabuge".




Huge kisses from Paris !


Paris Music Tales // Martin, Samy & Felipe

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