Goodbye Moneypenny's tour from Pissos, their village in SW France, to ... London !!!

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Goodbye Moneypenny is a group of 5 French English musicians, formed in 2012 from Pissos, a small village in the Haute-Lande (40 - France) around the British singer Ged Pattison, a former senior official at Her Majesty’s Prison Service, who left his successful career for Rock n Roll in the SW France.

"London Pissos" was originally the name of the first EP (released in January 2013), which quickly became the name of the first tour, scheduled from April 25th to May 4th 2013 linking  their village in the Landes to the rock capital of the world- no less!


The tour begins in Pissos on April 25th with a concert in the village, 27th in Bordeaux, 30th in Angouleme, May 1st in Amiens, May 2nd in Lille, with the tour culminating in London on May 3rd at the 12 Bar Club and May 4th at the Hope & Anchor, two great rock venues. The Hope and Anchor is one of the most famous rock venues in the UK, hosting bands such as Dire Straits, U2, Madness ......

Goodbye Moneypenny is very excited to play here!


The trip will also produce a promotional film about the group and their road trip.






Allocation of funds

Goodbye Moneypenny is a band on the move, with support from organizations such as LMA (Music Powered Landes) and some radio stations (France Bleue, Radio Mont de Marsan).


We really need your help in funding this project which is very important to us!


Indeed, even if we are all volunteers in this project, the cost of this tour is € 5585


- The round trip from Pissos to London (2500 km) for 7 persons as well as equipment, fuel costs, tolls, ferry, car park: € 1,944

- Accommodation (6 nights 7 persons): € 1,590 (almost half of our 2 nights in London)

- Meals: € 1,170

- Promotion (posters, billboards, leaflets, promotional cd ...) 881 €


In addition to your participation,   Local authorities will hopefully support some of the costs.

Traders and local businesses will also help.

In addition some accommodation has been offered at venues.


If the amount collected exceeds our expectations, Goodbye Moneypenny has lots of ideas.

We hope for example to record our second CD following the tour. The new songs are ready and of course there is also the Pissos-Tokyo tour!!!!!!


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