Point de Rosée, marque française de prêt-à-dormir

Contribute to the rise of Point de Rosée, young night wear brand for women. An invitation to dream and travel.

Project visual Point de Rosée, marque française de prêt-à-dormir
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Point de Rosée, marque française de prêt-à-dormir

A beautiful idea born out of an observation


One day, I wanted to offer my sister pyjamas but I never found the cosy and confortable yet pretty and feminine night wear I had in mind… Disappointed by too sexy babydolls or shapeless pyjamas, I returned empty-handed. I was also surprised that designers and brands explore so little the evening and night universe. It is probably at that moment that Point de Rosée was born in my mind. Create a brand that allows women to enjoy making up their night wardrobe  as much as they do for their day wardrobe.

Several working years and happy encounters later, this idea has become reality. The night wear brand Point de Rosée was launched in October 2015.




Point de Rosée, a unique concept to live nights in a different way


Point de Rosée offers night wear in line with your day look, in harmony with yourself. No need to turn into a fatal femme or to dress up as a retarded teenager !

And because our clothes are also super soft and confortable, Point de Rosée reveals natural feminity, wakes up senses and turns night into the most beautiful moment of the day.


Refined and elegant designs


Our ready-to-sleep collections are created in Paris thanks to a talented designer’s creativity and experience : Sophie Morin. Her obsession : restyle the ideal women wardrobe for night time, propose unexpected and feminine forms while offering the extreme confort necessary to sleep.




Noble materials


Together, we choose the softest and most confortable materials. Each fabric is selected with high-standards : exceptionnal softness, machine-washable, no synthetic fibers, french or european origins. We also wish to bring to light french textile jewels : silk from Lyon, Calais lace, mohair from the Creuse area, so many treasures that decorate our clothes.


An invitation to travel


In love with travels, I want each collection to be inspired from a destination, close or far, with subtility and evocation. Each season, we restyle our Paris line, and we propose two other theme collections. This winter, we’ll take you to Switzerland and Vietnam.

Finally, we entrust manufacturing to portuguese workshops renowned for their know-how and professionalism.


A shopping interlude with friends


To distribute our collections, we have chosen home selling parties, but the 2016 version of it ! Because closeness is our guiding principle for our clothes’conception and production, it seemed natural to us to get closer to our customers to have them discover Point de Rosée. Nothing comparable to touching and trying to understand what pleasure it is to wear our clothes. Without the constraints of a store, shopping becomes a pleasure cruise.




The nice story goes on


Today, Point de Rosée already means :


* 2 collections which have conquered hundreds of customers

* a website and an e-shop

* trust relationships with our free-lance designer and our portuguese manufacturers

* participations to trade shows


and we still have many challenges :


* make ourselves known, communicate, be visible

* internalize skills for better reactivity : graphic design, editorial content, digital marketing

* develop our distribution network

* produce faster and earlier

* keep on making you travel with dream ideas


Point de Rosée is a unique and different brand with inimitable style collections and a personalized link with customers. Our start is promising, our clothes are appreciated and, with your help, we’ll be able to go even further.

Allocation of funds

Today, we sollicit your support to finalise the production of our next Point de Rosée collection, communicate on the launch and hire sales people.


We have reached our first goal, 8.000€, in only 20 days ! This means we can manufacture.


Our new target is 11.000€ and we are getting closer every day. This extra 3.000€ will be used as follows :


Photo shooting of the new collection :  1.500€

Press release : 500€

Catalogues : 500€

KKBB commission and compensations : 500€

Total = 3.000€





It’s also the opportunity to make you discover our clothes that we offer as rewards for your donations.

And if your contributions go over our target, we still have many dreams to make come true ! 

So treat yourself or please your loved ones !


Your generosity will have you travel


Whoever  it is for, yourself or one of your friends, or your girlfriend, this is the right opportunity to discover our next destinations.


Paris, chic and essential. This winter elegant black comes together with grege and pink. Modal and silk are VIPs, and this collection becomes the must-have of all your nights.




Switzerland, cocooning and natural. Fluffy duffles and comforting colors remind creamyness and well-being of a mountain chalet.



Vietnam, nostalgic and exotic. The finess of a flowery print and the intense softness of velvet are the textile resonance of mythical Indochina.




A huge thank you


Many thanks to all of you for your donations and for your interest in Point de Rosée. By helping us, you are now part of the adventure, human before all. Supporting us is also talking about our project and share with your network. We count on you !


But who is behind Point de Rosée ?


Sophie, a smily young lady, curious and determined to fulfill her dreams. After sweet years spent in Limousin, too serious business studies and an experience in prestigious american multinational corporations, Sophie has decided to take off. Inspired by her trips and her taste for nice things, she embarked for the Point de Rosée adventure. Brave and demanding, she leads her project with a lot of energie and determination.

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For €10

A nice postcard to make you travel and thank you !
  • Backers: 2
  • Delivery December 2016

For €20

A nice postcard to say THANK YOU + a bag to bring along your favourite nightwear to your most beautiful destinations.
  • Backers: 11
  • Delivery January 2017

For €45

Une carte postale de remerciement + la pochette de voyage + un tee-shirt de nuit Vietnam jaune absinthe OU un marcel de nuit Paris bois de rose ou grège. Frais de port offerts vers la France métropolitaine et la Belgique.
  • Backers: 10
  • Availability: 90/100
  • Delivery January 2017

For €65

Une carte postale de remerciement + une pochette de voyage + une blouse de nuit Suisse marron glacé OU un short de nuit Vietnam imprimé. Frais de port offerts vers la France métropolitaine et la Belgique.
  • Backers: 5
  • Availability: 45/50
  • Delivery January 2017

For €200

Une carte postale de remerciement + une pochette de voyage + un kit cocooning au choix : dans la collection Paris, un short en soie/coton grège + un marcel bois de rose ou grège + un trench du matin noir OU dans la collection Vietnam, un pantalon bleu + un tee-shirt imprimé et velours + une robe de nuit imprimée ou jaune absinthe OU dans la collection Suisse, un pantalon marron glacé + un tee-shirt imprimé cerf + un pull de nuit marron glacé. Frais de port offerts vers la France métropolitaine et la Belgique.
  • Backers: 15
  • Availability: 15/30
  • Delivery January 2017

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For €100

Une carte postale de remerciement + une pochette de voyage + une nuisette Paris en soie/coton bois de rose ou grège OU un pull du matin bleu lac ou marron glacé et un pantalon de nuit milk de la collection Suisse. Frais de port offerts vers la France métropolitaine et la Belgique.
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  • Availability: 0/40
  • Delivery January 2017

For €500

Passez un week-end de rêve à Paris avec la personne de votre choix! Nous vous offrons une nuit à l'hôtel Amour, adresse confidentielle et glamour de Pigalle, et un petit déjeuner au restaurant de l'hôtel Amour en compagnie de la créatrice pour connaître les dessous de l'aventure Point de Rosée.
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  • Delivery January 2017