Volunteer project in Assaka, Morocco

Construction of irrigation channels, water basins and an educational center

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Volunteer project in Assaka, Morocco

Hey everyone,

I’m Thibaut, I’m 16 years old, I come from Belgium and live in France at the moment. I study at the International Bilingual School of Provence and this summer, I am participating in a volunteer project organized by a Belgian organization, named 'bouworde'. I'm going to Assaka (located in the South of Morocco) for 2 weeks with 11 other teenagers. Bouworde is a Belgian organization that offers young people the opportunity to get to know the world differently by getting them to work as volunteers in social, technical or ecological projects all over the world. Moreover, this organization also strives for a world in which the basic rights of everyone are respected.

During our 2-week project, we will mainly concentrate on two main issues:

1) Due to global warming and climate change, water is becoming scarce in Morocco. They no longer have enough water to grow crops, so we will try to improve the water availability by constructing and cleaning irrigation channels and water basins.

2) Another big problem is that in these small villages, women are often unemployed and only 10% of them know how to read and write. Our second goal is to improve the emancipation of women there, by creating places where women are able to grow Argan oil and learn how to read and write.


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