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Project to join a professional exhibit

Our Story

I am Angelo and I grew up from a small village in the north of the Philippines where one the traditional handweaving and handcraftsmanship is luckily still continuing. I now live in Paris, France and trying to introduce this art to this lovely city. This artisanal craft has been going on for many years using only natural plant fibers such as Abaca, Buntal, Raphia, and silk, and still employs its highly skilled artisans, some for more than 20 years already. I have grown up with many of them and I want to be able to sustain their living and as well as this tradition and art.

With different beautiful colors of Buntal fibers


Artisanal handweaving in our traditional machines

This art requires requires skills, passion and also patience. It is usual for some fabrics to take hours or even days to produce just one meter but the beauty that we are able to produce is also what we find valuable. We would like to be able to continue producing this art and to provide livelihood to our artisans. For many years that we have been working, our proudest accomplishment has been able to send the children of our artisans to school.

A glimpse of our annual simple holiday gathering last year with our artisans and their children

Allocation of funds

Our goal is to join an international exhibition Maison & Objet in Paris in September 2019:

Price: Eur 299 / sq m x 10 = Eur 2999

Registration Fee = Eur 595 

Total: Eur 3,594

These exhibitions would be efficient in promoting our textiles and decorations to the international buyers as the trends has always been going for natural fibers, natural plant materials - which is our identity and our main ingredient. It is a strategy to be able to promote our art and sustain the livelihood of our local artisans. 

Thank you / Maraming Salamat

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