RainbO Vodka, feel your colours !!!

RainbO® Vodka, vivez pleinement vos couleurs !!! Luxury vodka made exclusively from wheat grain. Try me, Live me & Love me !!!

Project visual RainbO Vodka, feel your colours !!!
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RainbO Vodka, feel your colours !!!

A vodka proud of its colors!


'What if we create an exclusive vodka?' Not an exceptional edition for the Gay Pride as some !!! But really a brand that could be declined in different editions and flavours perfumes ... and that would proudly wear its colors over time! '


This is the beginning of an idea, exchanged by two friends, around a drink one night, about one year ago.


And now here we are with you, to present you this project which is close to our hearts ... long worked, drawn, modified, tested, tasted, retasted, reretasted (we got it, ^^) and finally finalized .. . but as the saying goes: « the longer the better ».


'But how can I name it?

- Simple, class, evocative ...

- Hum ... RainbO®, six letters, six colors, but united for life. '


And that’s it, RainbO® was born...




So started this project ... the ideas fused, sketches began, long nights on the drawing boards followed ... Ahhh those sleepless nights !!!


But above all this desire to go up to the end ... to overcome the trials, to finish this project and to find ourselves here, behind our keyboards to address to you and together to allow the birth of this baby, so dear to our Heart !!!


The line of conduct is drawn:


Colourful, refined, luxurious,.


The first Edition is launched, the one that will be the heart of the product range,


The 'Original '.


Bottle with silky touch, symbol of unity and love, taking the 6 colors of the flag.




The prestige vodka, 100 % wheat grain, to the delicacy without no other alike, to taste alone, on ice or accompanied.


40 ° of softness, in 500 ml, 700 ml and 1750 ml in bright white bottle.



'Okay, we have RainbO® Original, but I'd like to have a flag on my shelf, on top of my bar ... something that FLASHES !!!

- I understand, we stop for tonight, let’s us see tomorrow ... take advice of you pillow and I have an idea !!! '


I don't hide from you that at this moment, with all these ideas in mind, sleep had disappeared. So we take sketch board and get back to it.

And that's how was born the Edition,




Colorful bottles with a matt finish, and unique perfumes to delight palates in search of discovery.




Delicate perfume of Cherry, Powerful Orange taste, Acidulated as a mixture of Citrus, fresh as a Green Apple, Powerful as an infusion of wild blueberry, round as the aromas of Plum ripe.


6 tastes for a High in flavor tasting as in Colors - 27 °, fruity, in 500 ml, 700 ml.



"It's sure, it looks really great!!! And a deluxe version, have you thought about it ???

- Never two without three, don't worry ^ ^"


A few weeks later, began to take shape more clearly the Edition




Luxury in the liquid state, combining the beauty of a glass carafe, a vodka with 24-carat gold yellow sequins and true SWAROVSKI crystals of the 6 colors inserted on the bottles.




The most luxurious vodka in the range that will be the key element of your collection.

To offer to yourself or to a friend !!!



«  I am speechless !!!

- I confess, it looks really great! »


And here after several months of tries and tests the first three editions of the RainbO® brand that we hope will please you as much as we do..



Allocation of funds

More details about the funding?


By partnering with the SebiAn company,we have benefited a support and a vital know-how in the spirits industry. SebiAn manages with us fundraising as well as a portion of the funding. The launch of the RainbO® brand presents significant costs. We have already funded some administrative and operational expenses, but we now need you to achieve our first production. 


Your help will allow us to fund a part of the investments for the bottles, stoppers, materials and, for sure, vodka, that is to say 5 000 € minimum (to start the production)

but ideally 30,000 € would allow the development and the ideal market introduction.


Part of these expenses of 30 000 euros are related to production:


-7880 euros for bottles, stoppers and accessories.

- 11480 euros in alcohol and other raw materials used in production.

- 1400 euros devoted to the 24-karat gold flakes, Swarovski crystals and lighting LEDs.

- 1320 euros for the design, printing and cutting of cartons.

- 1200 euros for transport costs for alcohol and raw materials.


But also, 3200 euros for communication media, including the internet web site, brochures, communications budget.


Finally, we also have all of the operating costs generated by our research until the launch of the brand, as well as administrative, legal, and tax charges. Total non-production spending amounts therefore to 3520 euros.




If we exceeds the goal?

Our project will be born!


The order of the raw materials will be realized immediately, bottles will be shipped to you in the first two weeks of June 2017. RainbO will be available to the general public in the summer of 2017.


Then, with that money, we would buy small production-related equipment, then bottling equipment. This would also allow us to anticipate the stock of materials such as bottles and stoppers for the next production iteration. As well as a new edition but that ... it will be a surprise !!!


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