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Please help us finance the development of the Realtid app! It's one-of-a-kind language software that will break the language barrier.

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Realtid Translation Chat Service

Realtid® was launched in January 2015 by Ed Baldé a French Londoner who has be managing a translation agency (Yazyk - since 2011.


Realtid® includes 3 modules which are currently being tested and would need additional funds to be completed and offered to companies and individuals first in the countries where we have a business presence ie UK, US and France (then throughout the world as we expand).


Realtid® runs on desktop, tablets and smartphones.  




In the 1st module there is a collaborative platform and chat that enables users to hire human translators and proofreaders (more than 130 languages, native speakers, more than 6,000 translators in our database), with industry expertise through filtering (experience, native/working language, language pairs, fees per word or sign, location, accreditation, computer skills, availability). The users can buy credit through Realtid® to purchase their translations or they can pay the translators directly through the platform’s payment gateway.  


The 2nd module is a chat that permits users to discuss with one another, from mother-tongue (or preferred language) to mother-tongue in 80 different languages, all in real-time. It uses machine translation through an API. It has the following features : chat rooms, multi-users, whitelabel, dashboard.  


The 3rd module is a support chat where users can have a discussion with our technical and sales team, should they need help in resolving an issue they have while using the app or should they need to buy/upgrade their package for example.


Allocation of funds

We are very small team of freelancers at the moment (there are no employees) and we would really need help (fundings) in order to be able to finish developing the platform (which only has the translation module at the moment) and present it to all individuals and companies whenever their is a need for multilingual or languages related services.


Realtid® (protected brand) has not got any competitors, yet such a need does exist, whatever the countries, industries. We are in an era of globalization partially due to the expansion of the internet of the last few years. Surprisingly (or not), English is not the main used language anymore whereas the internet started in the US. Its now represents less than 30% of users globally so there is definitely a need for such a language solution - ie helping people and companies of the world economy communicate faster/better with one another.




We would like to contribute to the growth of international exchanges by breaking the language barrier, once and for all. We strongly believe Realtid will revolutionize global exchanges. We can do it and to do it we’d need to be able to complete the app's development. So, all contributions to our amazing project are more than welcome. Join us and be part of the future :) 

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