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Refugees of Lesvos - HumanityOurResponsibility

<p>I have decided to join Lesbos, in Greece (very close to Turkey), to do my duty as a citizen of the world: &nbsp;taking part on the migration crisis, on the helpers side.</p> <p>Those 4 months are the opportunity for me to cope with the reality of the migration crisis, and to try at my little level, and with your help, to make peoples&#39; lives easier while they are on their way to Europe, sometimes on the cost of their own life.</p> <p><strong>What&rsquo;s happening in Lesvos?</strong></p> <p>Landed in Lesvos after facing loss of their parents, sisters, husbands, children while fleeing their country and crossing the see, those refugees are stuck at the gates of Europe.</p> <p>On the 9th of November, last reporting says 9400 refugees are currently crammed into camps. Moria camp alone, built for 1500 people, has already reached the amount of 8359.</p> <p>When we don&rsquo;t have so much power to face this drama, what we can do is helping those people not to collapse. Feeling humans, learning, feeling emotions, having fun&hellip;</p> <p><strong>This is what I&rsquo;ve come here to deal with, throughout&nbsp;several projects.</strong></p> <p>By the way, I talk about my project, but I did not even introduce myself. I am Ludovic, from Paris, 25 years old, and when I am not in Lesvos, I work in the baby care industry. I had the opportunity to&nbsp;come 4 months to Lesvos, knowing that my company is waiting for my return (in february).</p> <p>Here it is me, ready for the adventure !</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>I also take the opportunity to warmly thank my girlfriend, my family, my company and all the amazing people that I met on my way for their support.</p> <p><strong>Well, let&#39;s get back to our projects in Lesvos :</strong></p> <p>- <strong>One Happy Family</strong></p> <p>Community center, participatory caf&eacute;/restaurant by the refugees and for the refugees. Hundreds of visitors are welcomed by a team of 60 refugee volunteers and 15 international volunteers like me. All the refugees are welcome here where they can have a normal life, and escape from their tough living conditions. Here they have people to hear their stories, grab a caf&eacute;, pick up a book in our library, go for a haircut,&nbsp;learn languages with&nbsp;professional teachers,&nbsp;take guitar lesson, charge their phone, medical support, school for the children&hellip; We also offer lots of cultural and intellectual activities such as theatre, pottery, guitar, board games&hellip; Eventually we serve food for 800 to 900 people every day.</p> <p>To know more about OHF: <a href=""></a></p> <p>- <strong>Yoga and sport for refugees</strong></p> <p>This NGO takes place inside of One Happy Family and its aim is to allow refugees to escape from their tough daily life, while playing sport. Here, we&nbsp;provide lots of sports sessions&nbsp;in our sport tent (capoeira, danse, boxing, wrestling, yoga&hellip;) and outdoor (running, fitness&hellip;). the dozens of weekly sport lessons are mostly run by refugee coaches.</p> <p>Want to know more about it: <a href=""></a></p> <p>- <strong>Meraki - Exchange Language in Mytilini</strong></p> <p>I&rsquo;m currently trying to start up with this new program with other volunteers, to allow refugees but also locals (Greeks) to benefit from this multicultural environment. Our aim is to match people that want to learn each other&rsquo;s language, each other&rsquo;s culture. We consider that exchange, brotherhood and communication are necessary to build a peaceful society.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>This campaign is dedicated to specific projects, so that you know exactly what happens with your donation.</p> <p>I will receive all the funds which I will fully deliver to the projects below.</p> <p>Why do we need donations ?</p> <p><strong>1 : One Happy Family (budget = 1000&euro;)</strong></p> <p>- food<br /> - computers for&nbsp; computers lessons<br /> - books<br /> - haircut material<br /> - sport equipment<br /> - video projector etc...</p> <p><strong>2 : Yoga and Sport For Refugees (budget = 300&euro;)</strong></p> <p>- rollers<br /> - warm clothes for the winter<br /> - rugby material<br /> - tatami</p> <p><strong>3 : Meraki - Exchange Language in Mytilini (budget = 100&euro;)</strong></p> <p>- hosting our platform<br /> - bus tickets for refugees to join their tandem in the city centre (1 hour walking from Moria camp&hellip;)<br /> - free coffee for our tandem meetings<br /> - location of a place for our tandem meetings</p> <p><strong>4 : Other projects (budget &gt;=600&euro; )</strong></p> <p>In January, I will engage in new projects in Lesvos. They also need financial support.</p> <p>All the funds that are not going to the projects mentioned before will go to those three wonderful NGOs :&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>- Home For All, who oppened 4 places to welcome people everyday for free</p> <p>- Refugee4Refugees which provides warm clothes to more than 500 people every week. Such a necessity in winter time.</p> <p>- MikrosMikros Dounias, eventually is a cutting-edge project of kindergarden that mixes locals and refugees children up to 5 years old.</p>

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Freitag is a hype and eco-friendly company, which builds bags with recycled materials, mainly from trucks. The bags are unique, colored, and of course ecological ! One backpack for the 10 first people who donate 136 euros or more to my campaign. Limited edition, choice depends on stock. (hand delivery in Paris or Lesvos ;D)
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This poem particularly makes sense here. Take it as a gift. Because by helping, you are doing the right thing, and your heart needs to know that <3
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Drawing from thankful refugees


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The refugees here are conscious that WE together provide a great help in One Happy Family. To thank you personaly, you will receive a handmade drawing from our Art table workshop. (hand delivery in Paris or Lesvos ;D)
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Postman bag - Freitag


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Freitag is a hype and eco-friendly company, which builds bags with recycled materials, mainly from trucks. The bags are unique, colored, and of course ecological ! One post-man bag for the 10 first people who donate 100 euros or more to my campaign. Limited edition, choice depends on stock. (hand delivery in Paris or Lesvos ;D)
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The headquarters of One Happy Family produced organic socks in Switzerland. I ordered one pair for every donator who give 60€ and more (limited edition be careful) - 10 pairs white - S - 5 pairs white - M - 5 pairs black - M (hand delivery in Paris or Lesvos ;D)
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