The project

For over 10 years the Association "LA PLANCHE A ROULETTE" from Nîmes has fought for the construction of a major skatepark for its Riders. Since last September, thanks to the top creator CONSTRUCTO, the City of Nimes boasts a 3 000 sqm Street & Bowl concrete skatepark, one of the largest in the Country.






In partnership with RIDEXPO, the first trade event for skate, roller, bmx, scooters and urban sports, the Association organises the DENIM CUP, a street & bowl skateboard competition, labelled ISU (International Skateboarders Union) and part of the International Circuit of Skate Events.


During the 3 days (27th to 29th June 2014) RIDEXPO will host, in addition to the DENIM CUP, a Fingerskate Contest, a Roller Mini Ramp Battle, and, most of all, the TETRICKS CHALLENGE.


TETRICKS is a 30 elements indoor skatepark. Young riders throughout France & Europe can build their ideal SPOT with 30 elements in ORIGAMI and upload their pictures on INSTAGRAM. The winning configuration is built FOR REAL at RIDEXPO



Why fund it?

There is no secret, the World Top Riders are attracted by Top Spots, such as the Nimes skatepark, but also by Top Prize Money.


The Association and Ridexpo have raised, through local help and sponsors, a Prize Money of 15 000€ thus ensuring the presence of Top Riders.


To give us the possibility of inviting, from anywhere in Europe, the young winner of the TETRICKS CHALLENGE to ride his/her ideal SPOT and meet the Pro Riders we need to raise 5000€ (return flight for the winner and his/her tutor, 3 nights in a Nimes Hotel, food, handling by professional coaches & riders, materials & trophy)


The Association La Planche a Roulette Nîmoise and Dragonfly Events have joined forces and expertise to create a 3 days event in the antique roman city of Nimes. For over 10 years the Association has generated the buzz of the local skate scene with a skate school, contests and guests such as the ZOOYORK, EMERICA US, CLICHE, DC Europe, Feu SQUARE/AEON... See more