SHORES A photo album, an artistic approach where pictures and texts question ourself about our report with shores. What does it says about us ?


The project

What is our relationship to the shores ?

It is a complexe relation, taking roots at the beginning of times, made of attraction and fear. A link with the elements and nature.

But this space, this immuable universe, made of infinite changes, which from all ages and origines attracts us, what does it says about us ?

Through my photographic look, I invite you over the pages to a journey on the shores.








A photo book is a magical object, a touching relation to images. It tells you a story at your pace. A long time, it can sleeps in your book shelf, but when the time will come for you to look at it, it will take you to a path always a bit different.

A walk according to your imagination.











A book is a form of completion for photography, making a photo album is also for me the envy to share a nice object, and it's an adventure !








For the journey to be good and beautiful, the printing must be of good quality. It will be made in France at ESCOURBIAC Printing which reputation and expertise for photo album are well-known. For the object to be good also, besides the 24x28 italian format, the quality of the paper is primordial to express the black and white pictures as well as the color ones.





The choice has arisen on the SYMBOL TATAMI WHITE BLANC 170 gr. paper,

back sewn and glued.







Each book will be numbered by the author on 200 copy.


Can't wait to meet you at the dedication of our book !




Why fund it?

As the book being in self-publishing, the totality of the collect (less the 8% for the platform and shipping coast) will aim to give life to the project by financing 25% of the printing coast. The participatory website will transfert the funds to the author of the work (Philippe Maréchal) and will be fully used for the financing of the printing. The total coast of the printing being of 3 500 €.



Inside format : 28 x 24 cm "à l'italienne"

4 pages cover + 2  overflowing flaps of 20 cm Format : finished 28.15 x 24 cm - open 97.3 x 24 cm Paper : Half-matt coated 300 g Impression R°V° : Bichro (Black + Grey Pantone...)

+ Anti-scratch matt coating R°

Inside 48 pages (6 x 8 pages) Paper : Symbol Tatami White Blanc 170 g Impression R°V° : Bichro (Noir + Grey Pantone...)

Inside16 pages (2 x 8 pages) Paper : Symbol Tatami White Blanc 170 g Impression R°V° : Quadriforming : Creasing and folding of the flaps + Stitched/glued square back






If the collect exceeds my expectations, it is that the project interests you. The draw of the number of pages of the work could be increased and so meet a wider public, THANK YOU !



Pm06_juillet_2015001-1491933192 That's me !







Like a bird.




Alors voila puisse qu'il faut une bio... Personnellement je préfèrerais que ce soient mes photos qui parlent aussi un peu de moi. "La photographie est une condition de la lumière, celle de l'objet photographié et celle du photographe", selon Henri Cartier Bresson. Je m'appelle Philippe MARECHAL et je suis né en 1964, médecin et autodidacte en... See more

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