Safe-Box : Désinfectez vos affaires en 5min Top Chrono ! Testé et Certifié !

With the Safe Box, you can tell goodbye to viruses and bacteria, in just 5 minutes! Tested and certified!

Project visual Safe-Box : Désinfectez vos affaires en 5min Top Chrono ! Testé et Certifié !
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Safe-Box : Désinfectez vos affaires en 5min Top Chrono ! Testé et Certifié !

1. Presentation

Hello !

We are a small French team composed of 5 people (Eric, Serge, Sandie, Jean Baptiste and Matthieu - we form the WE GROUP company) and we decided to embark on a project that could help protect many people, at home, at work and in all their travels!


2. The why of the how

Our smartphones are real virus nests: a study published on the site of the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) proves that there is a high concentration of viruses and bacteria on our screens (10.5 CFU/cm²). Toilet bowls are often cleaner than that!


The quantity of viruses and bacteria on our small everyday accessories is invisible but can be frightening. Most of them are harmless, of course! But some, Streptococcus, MRSA, E. coli and currently SARS-Cov-2 are very aggressive.

Therefor, the reasonable minimum acts we could do would be to disinfect our accessories daily.

It's tedious, long, sometimes delicate and you don't necessarily have time to take care of it because you have other things to do, and that's normal!


3. The solution!

We have developed Safe Boxes to help you disinfect quickly, easily and reliably.

The principle is simple: an elegantly designed kit in which you put your personal belongings. You close it, press the button, and on a cycle of 5 minutes, the LED UV-C lights will eliminate bacteria and viruses. The elimination rate with each cycle is between 99.96% and 99.99%.


4. What makes the difference with others? It's tested and certified for guaranteed results!

We have compared and tested similar products. Very often, the results are not as good as announced. Either the power is too low, or there are not enough UV-C LED lights (because very expensive for production), or the disinfection times are too long.


On our side, we announce results of 99.96% and 99.99% elimination and we provide you the proof! We carried out a complete battery of tests and went through the SGS and Gmicro Testing laboratories to validate the results. We also have European Conformity (CE) and comply with the RoHS directive. You will find all the test results in the Google Drive :

The production site is certified, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and SA 8000 (social).


5. Who is the Safe Box for?


Individuals and professionals who wish to better protect themselves and their family and friends against viruses and bacteria that can be harmful.


It also concerns professionals such as opticians who have to disinfect pairs of glasses after each test by a customer, deliverymen, banks, town halls, doctors, hospitals, private homes, schools, and all kinds of establishments who wish to disinfect their supplies (pens, masks...).


Safe Boxes are useful in many situations.


6. What can you disinfect?


Just about anything that can fit in the Safe Boxes. Smartphones, headphones, face masks, cosmetics, books, glasses, pacifiers, bottles, pens/pencils/felt-tips, office equipment, small water bottle/gourd, underwear, etc.


Light does not produce heat. No microwaves. It is therefore possible to put on products such as lipstick tubes or pens and metal parts.

Of course, no animals! (Don't be like the lady who tried to dry her dog in her microwave... thank you 😊)


Tips for use :

Avoid placing objects on top of each other. Viruses and bacteria are eliminated on the areas exposed to the light of the UV-C LEDs.

For 4-layer textile masks, it is recommended to submit it to 2 cycles of 5 minutes.

7. Which bacteria and viruses are eliminated?

All of them! To date, the Safe Box eliminates bacteria and viruses during a disinfection cycle. Light causes a destruction of the DNA of these organisms, which inactivates them.  SARS-Cov-2 (Covid19) is a virus, so it will be eliminated too. Tests and results are available on the Google Drive link:


8. When should you disinfect your personal items?

The best is to do it regularly, once a day (or more), when you come home from work, shopping, or other daily activities outside your home. It's a bit like washing your hands, except that here it's for your personal belongings!


9. Outside of the box: SILVADUR® treatment

We thought inside the Safe Box, but also outside! Because a Safe Box that would remain infected on its surface would lose its meaning as you would directly put the bacteria back on the objects you just disinfected after handling it...


The exterior material was therefore treated with DUPONT's SILVADUR® solution. This solution offers a durable and high performance antimicrobial technology. In a few hours viruses and bacteria also die without action. Tests available on the Google Drive link:

10. Two models of Safe Box to meet several profiles


To meet the different consumer profiles, we have created two Safe Boxes:


- The Safe Box: 8L capacity (260x210x160mm), 12 UV-C LEDs, standard 2A USB cable. It has a large capacity which allows it to disinfect several objects at the same time! No more worries about who will use it first!

Safe Box

- Mini Safe Box: 2.5L (225*120*90mm) capacity, 6 UV-C LEDs, 1A standard USB cable. It is easily transportable, allowing you to take it everywhere with you and has the same efficiency of its big sister!

Safe Box Mini


Technical specifications concerning the 2 models


- Elimination rate of viruses and bacteria: between 99.96% and 99.99% in a pre-programmed 5-minute cycle.

- Built-in USB cable, can be plugged into a power outlet, computer, portable battery, cigarette lighter, etc. Charger not included.

- Wavelength of UV-C LEDs: 270-280 nanometers

- Lifetime of each UV-C LED: 10,000 hours (= 120,000 cycles of 5 minutes)

- Warranty: 2 years


- Each Safe Box contains a grid to raise the objects and allow the UV-C LEDs on the lower part to disinfect perfectly.


Links and definitions :


Study on the high level of contamination on smartphones:


NCBI website:     


CFU/cm²: Colony Forming Units per square centimeter


UV-C LED: Deep Ultraviolet Radiation LED


- SGS: world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification ( ;

- Gmicro Testing: testing laboratory

- CE: European Conformity

- RoHS: The European RoHS Directive aims to limit the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.




Google Drive link for all test documents and certificates concerning the 2 Safe Boxes:

Allocation of funds

The money collected is used to pre-sell a first batch of Safe Boxes! If this pre-sale reaches its objective, we will use the collection to re-produce and market through several distribution channels.

For the project to succeed, we would need to sell at least 100 Safe Boxes and 100 Safe Box Mini!

We have already started part of the production, so we already have 25 Safe Boxes and 15 Safe Box Mini! They will be reserved for the fastest kisskissbankers!

Cost Allocation :

In order to help you understand how the price of a Safe Box is constructed, we have prepared a graphic with the cost allocation!


We remain at your disposal if you have any questions!

Thank you very much for reading our little project and we hope it will be useful for many people!

See you soon! And take care of yourself! :)

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