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Save our free school EFTG !

<h2><strong>Help us to save our free english school!</strong></h2> <p>We are a <strong>free English school</strong> with <strong>innovative pedagogy</strong>, based in Taltal, a wonderful little town in the <strong>north of Chile</strong>. Donations from the people of Taltal normally allow us to run <strong>our association</strong>.<br /> But, due to the <strong>coronavirus crisis</strong>, we lack the means to <strong>make the school survive</strong>.</p> <p><em>Somos una <strong>escuela de ingl&eacute;s gratuita</strong> con una <strong>pedagog&iacute;a innovadora</strong>, con sede en Taltal, un peque&ntilde;o y maravilloso pueblo en <strong>el norte de Chile</strong>.</em><em> Las donaciones de los habitantes de Taltal nos permiten normalmente hacer funcionar <strong>nuestra organizaci&oacute;n</strong>.<br /> Pero debido a la <strong>crisis del coronavirus</strong>, no tenemos los medios para <strong>seguir sobreviviendo</strong>.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Who are we? <strong><em>&iquest;Qui&eacute;nes somos?</em></strong></strong></h2> <hr /> <p><br /> <strong>&quot;EFTG*&quot; Language School </strong>- Taltal Social Project, is a privately run, <strong>independent, nonprofit, volunteer based organization</strong> that teaches English to the people of Taltal. We welcome students from all walks of life, ranging from young children and teenagers, to housewives and professionals. The ultimate goal is to assist in educational, economically sustainable development and foster greater selfesteem in the people of our community.</p> <p><em>EFTG Language School &ndash; Taltal Social Project CHILE, es una organizaci&oacute;n funcional <strong>sin fines de lucro e independiente</strong>, que imparte <strong>clases de Ingl&eacute;s de forma gratuita</strong> para ni&ntilde;os, adultos, due&ntilde;as de casa, trabajadores etc.. Con el fin &uacute;ltimo de contribuir al desarrollo educativo, econ&oacute;mico sostenible, derribador de brechas sociales y autoestima de los habitantes de nuestra comuna, Taltal. </em></p> <p><strong>*EFTG = English For The Greatest </strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <h2><strong>A little bit of our history<em>..&nbsp; Un poco de nuestra historia...</em></strong></h2> <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Founded in 2013</strong>, we opened our doors to the community in June of that same year. Through the selfless generosity of supporters to our innovative &quot;Secret Friends&quot; scheme, we have been able to implement this large and ambitious project. Starting with only a few students, EFTG now takes care of more than 150 students.</p> <p>Due to its success, EFTG opens in <strong>2020</strong>, a <strong>new school in Monte Patria</strong>-Chile. Unfortunately, with only one month of operation and the coronavirus crisis, the school could not be opened properly.</p> <p><em><strong>Creada en el a&ntilde;o 2013</strong></em><em>, y abriendo sus puertas a la comunidad en Junio del mismo a&ntilde;o, EFTG cuenta con el financiamiento a trav&eacute;s de la iniciativa &ldquo;Secret Friends&rdquo; o Amigos Secretos, que hacen posible el funcionamiento.&nbsp; Lo que comenz&oacute; con s&oacute;lo unos pocos alumnos, EFTG hoy cuenta con m&aacute;s de 150 alumnos.</em></p> <p><em>Por su &eacute;xito, EFTG abre el <strong>2020</strong> <strong>una nueva escuela en Monte Patria</strong> - Chile. Lamentablemente, con s&oacute;lo un mes de funcionamiento y la crisis del coronavirus, la escuela no pudo comenzar a funcionar. </em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h2><strong>A special school</strong></h2> <h2><strong><em>Una escuela un poquito especial</em></strong></h2> <p>While most language schools, work from a principle based on <strong>4 skills, (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking),</strong> the experiences of our foreign volunteers allows us to add a <strong>fifth skill- Culture</strong>. Thanks to the reception of english speaker volunteers from all over the world, this affords our students the unique opportunity to sample <strong>a taste of cultures and nationalities</strong> that could otherwise be beyond their reach.</p> <p><em>En EFTG trabajamos con voluntarios de diversas partes del mundo, haciendo posible que nuestros alumnos tengan la posibilidad de compartir experiencias y de un intercambio cultural, siendo &eacute;sta <strong>&ldquo;CULTURE&rdquo; la quinta skill</strong> con la que &ldquo;EFTG&rdquo;&nbsp; trabaja, gracias a nuestros <strong>voluntarios ENGLISH SPEAKERS</strong>. </em></p> <p><iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="281" scrolling="no" src=";display_name=YouTube&amp;;;key=cb39d84f05d8439bbe96012f078e02b0&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=youtube" title="YouTube embed" width="500"></iframe></p> <p><a href=";v=HzhHSgqbhDs&amp;feature=emb_logo" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></a></p> <p><br /> This school helps to increase <strong>the skills of young professionals</strong> and aims to help to r<strong>educe economic and social gaps</strong>. In turn it strives to increase the <strong>employer-employee relationships</strong>, harmonizing their skills and abilities. Improving levels of communication will facilitate growth and the generation of <strong>business opportunities</strong> for everyone.</p> <p><em>Esta escuela contribuye a <strong>aumentar las habilidades de los profesionales j&oacute;venes</strong>, y a su vez ayuda a <strong>reducir la brecha social, e incrementar la relaci&oacute;n empleador-empleado</strong>, armonizando las competencias y capacidades, elev&aacute;ndolas a un mismo nivel, el que contribuye a establecer un lenguaje &uacute;nico y de ese modo facilitar la <strong>generaci&oacute;n de negocios</strong> y las posibilidades para cada uno.</em>&nbsp;</p> <h3 style="text-align:center"><strong>Our dream; to make Taltal a truly biling&uuml;al city!</strong></h3> <h3 style="text-align:center"><strong><em>Nuestro sue&ntilde;o; hacer de Taltal una ciudad BILING&Uuml;E!</em></strong></h3> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <h2>&nbsp;</h2> <h2><strong>Our mission and vision</strong><em><strong>, Nuestra misi&oacute;n y visi&oacute;n</strong></em></h2> <hr /> <p><br /> We aim to be recognized as the <strong>best free English language school in Chile</strong>, allowing our students to achieve <strong>better employment opportunities</strong> through an <strong>effective learning methodology</strong>. In tandem with this we wish to achieve a <strong>pleasant environment for students and volunteers </strong>alike. By achieving this we hope to make &lsquo;EFTG` <strong>an example</strong> for other English language schools globally.</p> <p><em>Nuestro objetivo es ser reconocidos como <strong>la mejor escuela gratuita de ingl&eacute;s en Chile</strong>, permitiendo a nuestros estudiantes lograr <strong>mejores oportunidades de empleo</strong> a trav&eacute;s de una <strong>metodolog&iacute;a de aprendizaje efectiva</strong>. Junto con esto, deseamos lograr un <strong>ambiente agradable tanto para los estudiantes como para los voluntarios</strong>. Con ello esperamos hacer de EFTG un <strong>ejemplo</strong> para otras escuelas de ingl&eacute;s a nivel mundial. </em><br /> <br /> <img alt="" height="261" src="" width="528" /></p> <p>This language school was created to provide a <strong>quality solution to the demand for language training for the people of Taltal</strong>. It is characterized primarily by its commitment to <strong>academic excellence and responsibility</strong> for our students and our community. We are constantly striving to improve and review the various components of our school. The combination of these elements will create <strong>the first bilingual city in our region and in Chile</strong>, as well as serve as a <strong>training model</strong> for national and foreign volunteers.</p> <p><em>Esta escuela de idiomas se cre&oacute; para ofrecer <strong>una soluci&oacute;n de calidad a la demanda de formaci&oacute;n ling&uuml;&iacute;stica de los habitantes de Taltal</strong>. Se caracteriza principalmente por su compromiso con la <strong>excelencia acad&eacute;mica y la responsabilidad</strong> hacia nuestros estudiantes y nuestra colectividad. Nos esforzamos constantemente por mejorar y revisar los distintos componentes de nuestra escuela. La combinaci&oacute;n de estos elementos permitir&aacute; crear l<strong>a primera ciudad biling&uuml;e en nuestra regi&oacute;n y en Chile</strong>, adem&aacute;s de ser un <strong>modelo de formaci&oacute;n</strong> para voluntarios nacionales y extranjeros. </em></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>The main engine of this school is to be a real choice of teaching and learning English.&nbsp; This is the result of a combination of; <strong>EXPERIENCE, IDEALS AND VOCATION.</strong></p> <p><br /> <em>El motor principal de esta escuela es ser una opci&oacute;n real de ense&ntilde;anza y aprendizaje del ingl&eacute;s.&nbsp; Esto es el resultado de una combinaci&oacute;n de; <strong>EXPERIENCIA, IDEALES Y VOCACI&Oacute;N</strong></em><strong>.<br /> &nbsp;</strong></p> <h2><strong>OUR TEAM<em>, Nuestro equipo</em></strong></h2> <hr /> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>Our team, leading by <strong>Hector Javier Tello</strong> (HEADMASTER &amp; FOUNDER), has enough experience in teaching and learning languages (English, Spanish and German) both in Chile and abroad.</p> <p>We also have a group of <strong>INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS (volunteers)</strong> who come to our school every month to support the work of the teacher, besides being able to enforce the <strong>fifth skill of teaching English</strong> through &quot;CULTURE&quot;.<br /> Our Quality Policy is to achieve <strong>satisfaction and expectations of our students, community and volunteers</strong> through a program delivering excellence, accountability, and committed to continuous improvement of our curriculum and our school functioning.</p> <p><em>Nuestro equipo, su HEADMASTER y FUNDADOR <strong>H&eacute;ctor Javier Tello </strong>cuenta con una gran trayectoria en la ense&ntilde;anza y aprendizaje de idiomas (Ingl&eacute;s, Espa&ntilde;ol y Alem&aacute;n) tanto en Chile como en el extranjero.</em></p> <p><em>Tambi&eacute;n tenemos un grupo de <strong>AMIGOS INTERNACIONALES (voluntarios)</strong> que vienen a nuestra escuela cada mes para apoyar el trabajo del profesor, adem&aacute;s de ser capaces de hacer cumplir la <strong>quinta habilidad de ense&ntilde;ar ingl&eacute;s a trav&eacute;s de &quot;CULTURA&quot;.</strong><br /> Nuestra Pol&iacute;tica de Calidad es lograr la <strong>satisfacci&oacute;n y las expectativas de nuestros estudiantes, comunidad y voluntarios</strong> a trav&eacute;s de un programa de excelencia, rendici&oacute;n de cuentas y compromiso con la mejora continua de nuestro plan de estudios y el funcionamiento de nuestra escuela. </em></p>

Allocation of funds

<h2><strong>Your money will help us a lot! </strong></h2> <h2><strong><em>&iexcl;Su dinero nos servir&aacute; enormemente! </em></strong></h2> <div class="k-ResponsiveIframeContainer" style="text-align:center"><iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="522" scrolling="no" src=";display_name=Giphy&amp;;;key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=giphy" title="Giphy embed" width="435"></iframe></div> <p>The <strong>funds raised</strong> will help to pay the rent of the <strong>premises of the school </strong>of Taltal, the rent of the <strong>house hosting the volunteers</strong> and the <strong>first salary </strong>of our employee in Monte Patria. It is essential to be able to keep the school in order to <strong>continue teaching English</strong> to all these people.</p> <p><em>Los <strong>fondos recaudados</strong> permitir&aacute;n pagar el alquiler de los <strong>locales de la escuela</strong> de Taltal, el alquiler de la <strong>casa para los voluntarios</strong> y el <strong>primer sueldo</strong> de nuestro empleado en Monte Patria. Es indispensable poder conservar la escuela para poder <strong>seguir ense&ntilde;ando ingl&eacute;s</strong> a todas estas personas.</em></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If the <strong>goal is exceeded</strong>, we can also <strong>keep our school in Monte Patria</strong> and even <strong>buy equipment</strong> for children. But, first we&rsquo;re gonna need that money to cover the <strong>coronavirus crisis</strong>...</p> <p><em>Si se <strong>supera el objetivo</strong>, tambi&eacute;n podremos <strong>mantener nuestra escuela en Monte Patria</strong> e incluso <strong>comprar material</strong> para los ni&ntilde;os. Pero primero vamos a necesitar ese dinero para cubrir la <strong>crisis del coronavirus...</strong></em></p> <p>We have a fantastic list of rewards to thank you for this warm gesture</p> <p><em>Les hemos preparado un listado fant&aacute;stico de recomepnsas para agradecerles este c&aacute;lido gesto</em></p> <p style="text-align:center"><strong><em>THANK YOU ! &iexcl;Gracias!</em></strong></p> <p style="text-align:center"><iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" height="315" scrolling="no" src=";display_name=Giphy&amp;;;key=8b7d8dd6504d41af9a77662672aabc2a&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=giphy" title="Giphy embed" width="435"></iframe></p>


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Thank you, Everything helps! Gracias, todo sirve. If you donate 5€, your name will be on our social networks :) Si donas 5€, tu nombre estará en nuestra redes sociales.

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IF you donate 10€, your name will be on social networks but also in a special article on our website dedicated to coronavirus crisis. Si nos donas 10€, tu nombre estará en nuestras redes sociales pero también en un artículo espcial de nuestra página web, dedicado a la crisis del coronavirus.

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If you donate 50€, the previous reward BUT we deliver you anywhere in the galaxy, no matter where you are, this beautiful drawing (even on Mars) Si donas 50€, obtendrás la recompensa anterior PERO la llevamos donde sea en al galaxia, no importa donde estés, este hermonso dibujo (inclusive en Martes)

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If you donate 70€, you get he previous reward + You will receive a thanking video from Hector and Florian, and a private letter of thanking! So thank you ! Si donas 70€, recibirás la recompensa anterior + un video de agradecimiento de Héctor Y florian, más una carta privada de agradecimeinto! Gracias!

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You are very very generous ! It's incredible! Eres muy generoso. Es increíble! If you donate 100€, the kids will sing a song for you, playing guitar. We need your name and one or two of your personnality aspects (ask to your friends or family) We will only do it as soon as the classes start again ! :) Si donas 100€, los chicos cantarán una canción con guitarra para ti. Necesitaremos tu nombre y dos caracteristicas de tu personalidad (preguntale a tus amigos o familia) Lo haremos, tan pronto retomemos las clases.

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