SKIN is a CD but also a musical project. Help us fund our September tour in China and Taiwan!


The project

Nicola Lancerotti (IT/BE) – doublebass and composition

Jordi Grognard (BE) – tenor sax, clarinets

Daniele Martini (IT/BE) – tenor and soprano sax

Alain Deval (BE) – drums


The idea for this project comes from the need of expressing a musical vision with as much freedom as possible, in the most personal way. The lineup as well as the writing were conceived in this idea, allowing the musicians to leave the forms in order to explore collateral trajectories, to improvise on the given structures or to create some new harmonic and melodic ones.




Jordi Grognard and Daniele Martini on wind instruments represent a very wide color variety. The instrumental and expressive creativity of Alain Deval completes a band that is truly interesting, of which the sound palette spans from traditional jazz, to free improvisation, to modern chamber music.


This band exists since 2010 and through the years has performed and will perform on the most important jazz stages of Belgium (Sounds jazz club, Jazz Station – Lundis d'hortense, Atelier 210, Hot Club de Gand, Jacques Pelzer jazz club – maison du jazz à Liège, Cercle des voyageurs, Bravo café, 't Stuk among others) and of Italy (in particular at the festival Paperbacks organized by Centro d'Arte dell'Università di Padova and at Exwide in Pisa), passing through Berlin, and is currently preparing a tour in China and Taiwan that will take them to Beijing, Jinan (7th International Shandong Public Arts Festival, workshops at the Jinan International School of Arts), Shenzhen (OCT LOFT jazz festival), Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung), Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Wuhan.


In 2013 the band has released for Italian Label dEN Records its first cd SKIN, that has been warmly welcomed by the press, either Italian, Belgian or international. A second live release, recorded in February 2014 at the festival Paperbacks in Padova, Italy, is currently being mastered.

Why fund it?

The money raised wil be used to cover the cost of the travel from Brussels to Beijing.


Our gigs will raise enough money just to cover basic local transportation, food, accommodation for the whole duration of the tour (24th of September to 22nd of October).


Unfortunately we applied for some funds by the Belgian Government but the Commission in charge of deciding didn't think we were eligible. Sadly, we counted on that help...


With what we'll make we won't be able to cover the plane tickets from Europe and without a little help our tour just won't happen, resulting in having to cancel the tour and to renounce to this amazing cultural and human experience.


What we're asking for is just enough to break even. 




Nicola Lancerotti – doublebass Progressively introduced to the academic world of music by the hand of Master Nino Pellegrini, he started to learn jazz doublebass at the private school Scuola di Musica "G. Bonamici" in Pisa, in 2000. He simultaneously worked with school combos lead by Andrea Pellegrini with monographic project on Mingus, Monk and... See more

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