So WAX first album

Project UFO (Ultrasonic Folk Oddity) at a crossroad between soul and pop, So WAX takes a colorfull spin on the world to record their first album !

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So WAX first album

So WAX in a word :

Four musicians unite their forces around the soul compositions of Craig Schaffer, songwriter from California. Together they bring a potent sound of sensual grooves, obsessive melodies and ardent vocal harmonies.


Riding on the voluptuous basslines of Ronan Maguet (Les P'tits Yeux) and propelled by the incisive drumming of Gilles Riaux (Dam'Fonk), the vocal harmonies of Craig, on the dulcimer, and Simon McDonnel, with his irish mandola, weave an original music the colors of the world. A couple of tunes from the Maxi Fat Four Track EP Power Folk :

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So WAX first album the project :

Once upon a time artists were supported by patrons of the arts, people who were passionate about art who would commit to and participate in the creative process. Today, something else is emerging : crowdfunding or popular patronage of the arts, we put together our fortunes however modest, which allows us realize our common dreams. For So WAX, it means to manifest a radiant music, refined and rootsy, moving and joyous. A music that has been chiseled and polished for a long time, looking for the right parteners and, by its non-conformist character, has stayed in the shadows of the mainstream. Its time to step up and produce this record. To do so, we need your support and each one of your contributions brings us closer to our objective.

Thank you for your solidarity.


Your donations will permit us to balance the following budget : Recording, Mix and Mastering : 3000 € Pressing of 1000 CDs and SDRM (reproduction rights) : 1800 € Artwork : 900 € A total of 5700 €. Our personal finances will not be sufficient to cover all the production costs. With your help, we can got hrough with this project. Each every donantion helps us toward our goal !!! Your donantions will be automatically reimbursed if we do not reach our objective. Thank you So ! Our project is underwritten by Studio altSonik :

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