SCOUT SOLIDARITY PROJECT, youth education in Lima

Take part in our project to help and give a smile to young Peruvians in a precarious situation!

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SCOUT SOLIDARITY PROJECT, youth education in Lima

Hello to all of you, We are "Les Compañeros", a team of companions scouts of France based in Villeneuve d'ascq, in the north of France, composed of 6 young people (César, Auguste, Cyprien, Paul, Jules and Maël). For almost three years, we have been building a solidarity project to help young people in precarious situations. For this we have done many extra jobs (service, gardening, moving...) to finance the major part of our project. Following this, we also mobilized ourselves to find an association which corresponded to our expectations and our project. Recently the project became a reality because we had the confirmation of our departure to Peru in July 2022 to give service to "asociacion bienaventuranzas" in the city of Lima. This association held by Padre Omar takes in children, teenagers and adults with disabilities who have been abandoned by their families who rarely have the means to take care of them. Currently in contact with Padre Omar, we plan to be present for their association for 3 weeks. On site, we will carry out daily tasks of maintenance, education, renovation and animation. The goal of this long experiment will be for us to offer our help to this association in need as well as to entertain the young people, teenagers and adults with disabilities while creating a real connection with them. Generally in less developed countries like Peru, these children are often left out and we want to give them the opportunity to smile again. This project, which is more than dear to our hearts, has been strongly impacted by the covid and has already delayed our departure by one year. Indeed, our possibilities of extra jobs have been hindered due to the confinement. That's why we are appealing to your generosity so that all the objectives of our project can be achieved. Feel free to follow our adventures on our instagram and facebook account @lescompaneros! Thank you for your generosity Scouts friendships, Les Compañeros

Allocation of funds

You are probably wondering what all this money will be used for? A part of it will be donated to the association bienaventuranzas where we will realize our project. This association takes care of disabled people abandoned by their families. This donation will be used to develop the infrastructures on the spot, to develop the education system in place as well as to organize leisure activities outside the premises of the association in order to offer them a more pleasant living environment. The other part will be dedicated to the financing of our project. Indeed, for the last 2 years we have been doing many small jobs in order to collect the necessary funds to fly to Peru. Despite this, the cost of the plane tickets are very high, and due to the crisis of the covid, our funds are not yet necessary for our project to take place as we wish. That's why we are appealing to you to help us make our important project possible. Thank you very much for your participation! We are very grateful to you. See you soon! Les compañeros


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