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Support the birth of the first studio album by STI.LL - the start of a musical and poetic adventure

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STI.LL / first album

April 11, 2021


March 5, 2021

🥳🎶 Mini-Album: CHECK! Wanna help to make it a full album?

Incredible but true: in 4 days, the campaign has reached its original goal thanks to 43 generous supporters! 😄👏🏻. With this amount I can record a mini album. There are many days left to collect even more, which is a good thing for every backer. Because the more money for studio and musicians, the more songs on my album. 🎶😄 In any case, I am already eager to dive into that studio and give everything I have, with you in my heart and mind. Big big thank you, Stien

My name is Stien.
For years I have been writing, reciting and singing poems, poetic texts and songs in Dutch, English and French. Just like that or for special occasions. Songs to listen to, lyrics to reflect on, lights in the dark where it is possible and when it is needed. First for myself. In trainings and workshops. For family, friends. Then for friends of friends, people I don't know. I gave myself fully every time, but something inside me remained careful, probing: can I do this? Is this allowed? Am I...? I reached out and got support, I heard what was good and what could be improved, I let myself be guided to people who helped me further and gave me courage when I got stuck.

Gradually it is dawning on me. It is allowed. It is possible. I am. And so STI.LL was born, along with the desire to record a studio album with professional musicians. A project that I cannot realise on my own.

This is a warm call to support STI.LL so I can reach out to more people with my lyrics and music - a mix of songs in Dutch, French and English, laced with poetry.

Like this song, written at the end of 2020 during Holidays overshadowed by keeping distance and limited contacts.

I am very happy to have Bert Candries at my side, a phenomenal musician who works wonders on stage and in his studio and works closely with the Flemish singer Johan Verminnen, among others. Bert's arrangements take every song to a higher level and he also supports me in my own learning process. Here's where you can discover his music (recommended!): In addition, I also found a perfect musical partner in the fantastic pianist and bandoneonist Pat Van Kerckhove, a musician in heart and soul who knows how to bring about the right atmosphere time and time again. You can read more about Pat on

Together with them, I already recorded a first song in January 2021: Letter to a friend. You can read why I wrote this song below the video.

May 2020. My sister's best friend receives a diagnosis. The beginning of a nightmare, a relentless rollercoaster. And also a story of climbing out of deep valleys and friendship through thick and thin. My sister wrote wonderful odes to her friend in her updates about the situation. I read them and made this song. For Anneke and Ilse. For all women who fight and friends who support. Whatever happens. (Any proceeds from this song will go to charity, a cause chosen by Ilse)

The story of my sister and her friend is just one of the many stories that cross my path. A dozen other songs are waiting to be recorded, and with your help this might actually happen this year! Below you can see how I will use the money I collect here.

Allocation of funds

To make this album I need the help of professional musicians. In these difficult times for the cultural sector, I want to be able to compensate the musicians I work with. More than half of the budget goes to them. The rest goes to communication and production.

With the target amount of this campaign, I can record six songs and a few poems, a mini album. Including an inspiring and stylish booklet with the texts and illustrations by creative talents from my circle of friends and acquaintances.

The higher the amount, the more studio and rehearsal days I can afford, and that means more songs on the album :-) So even if we reach the target with your help, it pays to continue the campaign until the end date and raise more money: we can record more, and you get more for your money!

Also, the moral support and encouragement of those who cannot contribute financially means a lot to me, and you are also helping me by sharing this project :-) 

Many thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart!


PS: This is a poem I wrote a few months ago, just before STI.LL saw the light... Maybe this says it all.


Even if

Even if I was all alone,
even if you couldn’t hear me
or didn’t give a damn,
I would sing.
I would sing a song of praise
for you and your spirit.
I would let every sound
soak in a bath of truth
and kiss it so abundantly
that you would feel its warm embrace
from afar. E-ve-ry Sound.
I would whisper to you like a river,
a free flowing mirror asking you 
to fall in love with yourself
all over again,
I would speak to you like a tree,
a force of nature, urging you
to stop destroying and start enjoying
the tender, feeling, fierce and frivolous wonder 
of bones, tissue and thoughts that you are.
I would reach out to you like fire,
bright and wild, fearlessly
bringing light to the shadows
you’re so desperately trying to hide.
I would tell you about 
the heartbreak of loss, 
of separation,
of empty chairs.
And then I would start laughing
laughing, laughing, 
until you get the joke,
and feel as relieved as I do:
you and me, we are not alone.
We are one.

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