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Still in Rock : it's time!



Still in Rock is a music website born in 2010. Every day is a new opportunity to discover some garage rock, experimental rock, psychedelic pop, power pop or any other sort of independent music, always with this same idea: "rock music, just do it".


As of today, Still in Rock contains more than 1,300 articles (many in English: And many interviews were recently published, including one of Bret Easton Ellis, Burger Records, White Fence, Warm Soda, Shannon & The Clams, Total Slacker, The Dictators...






The mods had their own vestimentary style and the same goes for Woodstock hippies, the punks of the CBGB era with their perfectos and the Hells Angels who have built their identity around a jean jacket (yeah, no relation with rock'n'roll, we know).


So, the idea came to offer you a Still in Rock t-shirt. More than a piece of cloth, the Still in Rock t-shirt is a promise to a better and united world, a world where those who know could easily identify each other. Two models (100% cotton) will be available: one silkscreen, one hand embroidered. Mugs, badges and stickers complete the collection of the true fanboy.





Created by Thibault S. in 2010, Still in Rock is now here to serve you for loooong.   Every morning, wearing his underpants and his eyes still closed, Thibault takes a coffee, grabs his pen (called MacBook) and write a little something for you (isn't cute). Feel free to contact him on Facebook via Still in Rock ( or by email (, your messages are always welcome.  


Still in Rock is also proud to announce its collaboration with Lazlo Badet, seamstress, who will take care of the sewing. Lazlo is a seamstress in the best Parisian house and features a superior craftsmanship. A big thank you for agreeing to work with Still in Rock for this project.


We should also mention, as people do during the Oscars, that Still in Rock wouldn't be the same without the help of many people among which, to name only two of them, Morgan & Austin.  
















Because it is good to show a product with stars, Still in Rock is proud to present our official t-shirt worn by:


                             Matthew Melton of Warm Soda:





                             Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams :





And more to come...

Allocation of funds

What we do with the collect


The more you give, the more we can finance the production of new t-shirts (and other accessories).


Our t-shirts are prepared in a factory near Paris. They are silkscreened by hand (by a professional) and with the love of rock'n'roll. Costs are decreasing, depending on whether we order 10, 50, 100 or 200 t-shirts. We must also finance the shipping costs + our pretty little packages full of love (hm hmm ...).


The aim is to exceed the 400 euros goal, what we did few days after beginning the campaign. What will we do with the extra money? Quite simple: more t-shirts, more mugs, more EVERYTHING. Our goal is not to make money but to finance the diffusion of  Still in Rock culture by producing more and more.





If we reach 1.000 euros, we'll start the production of a new t-shirt AND a new mug. Yes, that's right, twice as more Still in Rock items.


What  else to say besides "Gabba Gabba Hey"?!




Information about the t-shirt


- 100% cotton

- 100% rock'n'roll

- Size M, L and XL (L is not that big at all)

- Unisex !

- Do not forget your postal address when ordering


- All prices include SHIPPING FEES!




 And now, some photos 



















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