No metal in our lingerie

Help us to finance the innovative non-metallic wire made by Swootec to end the discomfort of the metal whales of our underwear!

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No metal in our lingerie



Do you suffer the discomfort of our metal whales? EVERYTHING CAN EVOLVE !

Tired of experiencing this discomfort on every day, Anne Lelong created a revolutionary non-metallic wire. Its purpose, relieve a large number of women who, like her, experience daily discomfort because of the metal elements in their lingerie.

We lack sizes to provide all the women who still suffer from daily discomfort. Help us to overcome all steps, all levels, to replace the metal framework/ wires for our daily comfort. After 5 years of research, tests, she files an international patent.

Today, we present you  the solution to this discomfort.

The innovative 'SWOOTEC' non-metallic wires improves sustain (?) with unrivaled comfort.

SWOOTEC, an underwear technology that revolutionizes lingerie:  To feel beautiful, you have to feel good!

The innovative wire is a 100% made in Belgian product integrated exclusively into the brand LADYSWOO.

A daily lingerie brand created to market the wire                                                  

                                                   The CREATOR



Anne, is a competitor in the heart.

Previously, she was a sportive of high level she does not fear the effort.

Designer in architecture, on the basis of a few sketches, the concept takes shape.

Today the frame is a marketed product that has conquered the vast majority of its women users.

The project is recognized by its peers as a promising industrial project  

Here are some of these recognitions:  

June 2012 - Lauréate Industrie créative

  March 2013 - Starter with FCE (International Businesswoman community) 

  October 2013 – Women entrepreneur wallonia

 October 2014 - Finalist 'A golden idea' with a major press group


To commercialized her 100% Belgian invention, she created her own brand of lingerie LadySwoo Lingerie. After a first crowdfunding she made her first production.

This allowed her to commercialize her invention and get the market feed-back. Today, the conquered clients ask more models and inquire impatiently to know when their size will be developed.

Anne is looking for a partnership with an existing brand to meet the demand.

The brands encountered require all sizes, so it is necessary to develop and produce other frame sizes.

Now, you have to fund all the missing injection molds, this is why she needs you.                   


After a market study carried out at the beginning of the project by a specialized agency, to the question:

Do the metallic wires of your brassieres disturb you?

One third of the woman answered 'YES' all breasts combined

From the idea to the marketable product,

It is by correcting the annoying aspects that Anne creates the 3D wires in a contemporary material with a designed shape, which acts as an extension of the body.

  The innovative frame 'Swootec' was born in a logical and practical way.

How can we move from a concept to a recognized product by users? By analyzing each point of the existing product that causes discomfort, drawing, readjusting, correcting, testing ... starting again until the product meets expectations,…up to aim for perfection. The solution was there, like a hand below the breast, a prolongation of oneself ...

The solution was there, like a hand below the breast, an extension of oneself. The Nature does things well, observe her, she has so much to bring us.                                                            

                                                     Main-1505292259     Main_arma-1505293009



LadySwoo Lingerie is unique on the market with the innovative Swootec integrated wires in exclusivity.

Go to

You will find all the points of sale.



The launch models = 3 sizes developed    EU75E – EU80D – EU85C

Black or champagne model with 'Flowers'

Shorty S – M – L

Then 6 other sizes were developed

EU80E – EU85D – EU90C – EU85E – EU90D – EU95C

Model plain colour black or plain colour champagne

Shorty plain color  S – M – L – XL



Some testimonials from our first users:



Hello Anne, I just got your lingerie. I hastened to wear it ... It is really something superb, what a beautiful success! Comfort, size, maintain everything is perfect. We really feel sustained but without the feeling of being compressed ... again thank you for your help before my order and I hope especially you will be hugely successful and you will be able to expand your range and to propose us other new beautiful models. Eveline.



I received my set of underwear yesterday and I am completely fan. What comfort this wire, incredible as long as it has not been tried. Thank you Madam, for your investment in this comfort that concerns us all. Yours. Alix 



Thanks to you for having this initiative to create this unrivaled comfort to other bras, I am sure many women would be delighted if they tried it ... I discovered it on television coming back from a long stay abroad

... More testimonials on our Facebook page LadySwoo





Allocation of funds

How will be used the Founds ?

The founds will be used to make the 5 additional molds. It is necessary to realize a partnership with an existing brand to offer a wider range of models and sizes.

Many users are already 'fan' and can not do without this new comfort.

A women's project for women, it is together that we will stop the metal in our bra.

Nowadays, there are 3 molds, basic sizes: EU90B - 95B - 100B

It lacks 5 molds to  complete the range: EU75B - 80B - 85B - 105B - 110B

Help us reach the top :)

Each step will allow to make even more sizes and fill even more women in


Indeed, several users have advised me to develop this segment because they have undergone operations and they no longer found a sufficiently comfortable bra.

They bought and tried the innovative armature in the LadySwoo lingerie which allowed them to regain unmatched comfort!  We received poignant and moving testimony.

Thank you for your feedback

In lingerie there are the base sizes of the wires (= mold sizes).

They have their correspondences to develop all sizes.

Here is a table of the sizes of bases with their correspondences of commercialized sizes ??


In this table you can see the additional number of women that could be filled by this innovation.

Help us to reach the objective to replace the actual metallic wire by this expected innovation.


The different step of this campaign

« This always seems impossible until it is done»

Nelson Mandela







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