Street Opera 2016 - Opera è mobile

Let's bring opera to the streets of London & Paris in 2016 !

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Street Opera 2016 - Opera è mobile

The project



July 5th 2015, Don Giovanni on Regent Street in London


  Opera è mobile is troupe of young singers with orchestra, performing entire pieces of opera, for free, in the streets.

  Using simplified explanations, minimalistic staging and interactive performances, we have introduced the opera experience to the public in an unprecedented setting.

  After the Mariage of Figaro, the Magic Flute and Don Giovanni of Mozart, we pick up the challenge of a romantic opera in 2016 : "La Traviata" of Verdi. We need your support to make the project happen !




  I’m Saïté, the Founder of Opera è mobile.

  My parents put me on a piano when I was 3, I didn’t really understand why I was practicing everyday, until when I moved to France at age of 11. Since I didn’t speak a single word of French, the only moment I was understood was when I was on a piano.

  For me, the magic of music is to share the very same emotion with different people, from different culture.





July 26th 2013, Piano in the streets


  I started to accompany a opera singer friend in the streets of Paris 2 years ago. Our project had grown rapidly, now we have almost 40 singers, a small orchestra, a conductor, an Art Director and a Vocal Coach.   We have already performed some very famous opera such as : The mariage of Figaro, the Magic Flute, Don Giovanni in the streets of Paris, London and Shanghai.

  Our events gathers more than 2 000 people in the streets, this is more than the maximum capacity of a classic Opera House.



September 14th 2013, Opera è mobile in the streets of Shanghai


"La Traviata" in 2016


May 30th 2015, Don Giovanni captured by the audience


  For 2016, we would like to perform one of the most difficult Opera : "La Traviata" of Verdi.

  To take up this tough challenge, we need to offer trainings for our singers, to rent rehearsal rooms and travel to spread opera to the world’s most vibrant cities. Opera è mobile makes sense only thanks to you, we sincerely request your help to make our project comes true.


  We count on your support !


The Opera è mobile Team




Saïté is student in Advanced Master SMIB at ESSEC Business School. He studied piano in National Conservatoire of Créteil, Gennevilliers and Angers. He founded Opera è mobile in May 2013.




Mathilde studied in the Claude Mathieu Drama School in Paris. Her theater background brings us a sincere and human stage direction.




Alexandre has received a first prize in Piano and Music Analysis in the Conservatoire of Paris. He conducts the Opera è mobile orchestra.




Sébastien is vocal coach at the Opera of Massy and piano accompanist at Conservatoire of Pantin. He coaches Opera è mobile singers.

Allocation of funds

Since we started the project 2 years ago, we don't receive any subsidy. Our project rely on the support of our audience :




Our singers are young professionals. They have to learn by heart 1H30 of text in Italian and music in solo, duet, trio and chorus, and also the stage play. On La Traviata, they are paid between 300€ to 700€ for 1 month of work.


Our instrumentalists are also professionals. We reduced the number of instrumentalists by 2/3, the workload and quality requirements are much higher than a classic orchestra. Each instrumentalist is paid 300€.


Social welfare costs are imposed by the French Government to protect artists.


Mathilde is our Art Director. She imagines the stage play and write the text for the singers. Then she rehearses during 1 month with singers to make sure that the stage play is well applied. She also buy stage play accessories.

Alexandre is our Conductor. He recomposes the whole opera for each instrument to transcript a 60 musician orchestra to 12. He rehearses with both singers and instrumentalists to ensure artistic coherence.

Sebastien is our vocal coach. He accompanies singers on piano and give musical intention advises.


Rehearsal room has to contain 20 musicians. The room must be big enough for the acoustic to not saturate and singers should be able to work their stage play. We rent Saw Swee Hock center for £270 per day.


Instrument hire are the timpani. They are 1m cube and we need 2 of them. They have to be transported in special vehicles. The cost is £120 per day.


If we reach our goal, we will perform in the streets of London and Paris in summer 2016. If we collect beyond our goal, we will add a new destination to our Traviata for each extra 15 000€ collected !

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