Studio Promi, du fil au vêtement !

Studio Promi: From thread to garment

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Studio Promi, du fil au vêtement !

Studio Promi is a new womenswear brand created by two young designers named Mathilde Humbert and Pamina Meyer. We are from France and Switzerland, respectively. 

We are currently underway with the production of our second collection; It will feature eight outfits, made from our handcrafted fabrics.

Studio Promi explores the traditional textile techniques of macramé, weave, tapestry, knitting and fabric-painting. These techniques were traditionally used by women in the privacy of their homes. Our approach is to celebrate and revive these same techniques in today’s fashion industry. Our project is born from a common desire to re-invigorate craftsmanship by including our passion and determination in the process of garment and textile-creation.

We invite you to experience our first collection. It comes directly from the remains of both our individual bachelor collection's wool and fabrics. We wanted to give these remnants new life, and so we did!


Video credit : saintsprojects

For our second collection, we will need to source new material from local thrift shops and independently controlled businesses. Maintaining those relationships is key to the production development workflow. In order to ensure those businesses thrive and consistently provide our quality materials for product, we need to raise the funds necessary to pay for the material. We would like to work closely with local wool producers in the Grenoble region for our woven work and knitwear for example.

This new collection aims reflect our style with color and interesting textures. We would love to continue exercising those same techniques from our first collection, while adding in some new methods such as textile printing and beaded garment work.




We are both Alumni graduates from the Geneva University of Art and Design class of 2016. Last spring we decided to create Studio Promi - Our own collaborative studio through which we designed our first collection pictured here.

Our Bachelor collections were greatly influenced by techniques & styles like mesh, weave, macramé, and print. Through our common appreciation of the nature and use of these practices, we’ve pushed ourselves to establish our brand, from thread to garment.

For us, working together symbolizes our endless exchange of ideas and techniques. In each of our pieces, we embed a small piece of our visions. This is what makes our work unique.

In our next collection we want to continue to collaborate with our creative friends, in different mediums that may include flocking, weaving, photography and video. We believe that the future of fashion lies in the shared experience and common interest of the collective behind the work.

Allocation of funds

Your donations will serve to finance the following : 

Textile Development 

   Cost of wool for knitting and weaving: 360

   Cost of Flocking (In partnership with the “Petit Shirt” boutique in Grenoble): 80

   Cost of pearls (Macrame): 150

   Cost of fabrics (Painting): 150

   Cost of Digital Print: 300

   Cost of accessory materials: 80

Prototypes and Accessory

   Cost of threads: 30

   Cost of weave materials: 50


   Cost of Prop & Accessory: 150

   Costs of Media & Production: 250

Total: 1600

If we go above our raise of 1600, we would then be able to fund and incorporate even more complex techniques and the assistance of talented colleagues that understand our vision and need work. 


Whether you have interests in textile-manufacturing or not, we are extremely grateful to you for taking the time to understand this project. We would hope to have sparked the same enthusiasm in you as we share with each other.  We are excited to get to work - Thank you!!!

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