Martin comes back to Macedonia after 20 years to bury his late mother. The decision of selling her apartment becomes harder every moment..


The project




This is a one sequence movie that focuses on Martin, 35 years old, who comes back to his home country Macedonia after 20 years for the funeral of his mother. A day before he leaves he needs to decide if he's going to sell his mother's apartment. His doubts start to raise as the film continues. His memories come back with all the people that come to visit him the day before his departure. The nostalgia and the sweet memories from his childhood come around.




This is a film that is very intimate and familiar to me. Since I have been living in Paris, France for the past 5 years, I feel estranged when I come to my hometown. Yet, it's certain people and memories that make home feel like home. Martin, the principal character comes home for the funeral of his mother and is overwhelmed with emotions that he has to deal with and yet stay strong in front of his daughter as a single parent. For him it becomes even more difficult when goes back to her apartment where everything is the same as in his childhood memories, as if time has stopped in this place. The film is set in a nostalgic and heart warming atmosphere.



Tanja Todorova

Tanja Todorova is a graduate film student in the final year of the University of Paris Master's program. She has studied film in Paris and also at Brooklyn College in New York for one year.

Tanja is from Macedonia and her goal is to work either in production or cinematography.  She hopes to contribute to the further development of cinema in her home country.



Gjorgi Klincarov

Gjorgi Klincarov is a freelance cinematographer based in Skopje, Macedonia. Since he graduated from FDU (Faculty of Dramatic arts) in Skopje he has worked on numerous projects such as shorts, commercials, features.  You can see his work here


Steadicam operator

Antoine Blanchet


Antoine Blanchet is a steadicam operator based in Paris France. He is also a film director yet he has fallen in love with steadicam operating since he was studying in Brooklyn College, New York, and afterwards he bacame a certified member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA)

He is going to be a key figure in our film because the film is a 10 minute short that is going to be filmed in one sequence.



MARTIN-Kire Gjorevski


Kire Gjorevski is an actor at the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje. He spent 11 years in Sofia, Bulgaria, studying acting and then working. Even though he's a theater actor he is not a stranger to film acting. He has been cast in several shorts, features and numerous commercials. You can see them here




Rosemary's Baby- Roman Polanski




The rope- Alfred Hitchcock



Amour- Michael Haneke




We re-did the whole scenography of an apartment in order for the film to have the right atmosphere and the right look from the 90s. We're still working on it but here's some examples





Why fund it?

Help us create this project together. Even though its a short shoot, we estimate the full budget at 3407 euros because of it's complicated nature. This project, led by a team of 24 members, is mainly funded by your donations:


Professional Actors




Equipment rentals


Food,Catering, Transportation






Taxes Kisskissbankbank



If the budget goes beyond what we are asking for, do not worry that will motivate us even more especially because we are going to use that money for post-production because for now we do not have any funding.


A film student in her last graduate year at Paris 8 University. With a keen interest in directing and producing she has been a part of several different projects in different parts of the world. One day she wants to open her own production company