Premier album-Tara Mehrad

Support Tara, an Iranian singer, composer, poetess with her enchanting voice and her unique music with no borders to make her first album.

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Premier album-Tara Mehrad

-Bidari (consciousness) Tara Mehrad on voice, compositions, arrangement in collaboration with Laurent de Oliveira on piano, compositions and arrangements. The disc will be composed by voice, piano, double basse, guitar, percussions, drums, trumpet, accordeon, strings, etc. -The story I grew up in Iran where music and singing is forbidden for women, but I succeeded to follow my passion against all odds. I was able to leave the country and I studied and performed music for years before finding my voice and my inspiration because I wanted to create something authentic. I feel like my whole life was a deep slumber, until I started composing and performing my own music ; From that moment on, I dedicated myself, heart and soul, to the creation of this album. During the year 2020 despite the situation I recorded my first EP. It is called Ba Ham Tanha (available on all platforms) which means together, alone in persian. All the songs were written during the lockdowns because the restrictions were a great source of inspiration for me since they reminded me of my life in Iran. We recorded the songs at home, each musician from their place. These are a few of the songs that I would love to record in better conditions and with the the rest of the musicians who could not join us at the time, even though I am very happy with the result as it holds our very sincere emotions and energies during those times. Why Bidari (consciousness) ? I decided to call my album Bidari which means consciousness in Persian since it is the story of my awakening. The songs are about my encounters during my mystical voyages through the illusions and towards my freedom. The path that I walked for the transformation of my wounds into light, to reclaim my power and to reconnect with the magic and the beauty that surounds us. -Music description/ style My musical world is poetic, but a very simple and romantic poetry, with no borders nor a specific style, but made out of many colors, rhythms and sounds. My compositions are made to remind human beings of the magic that surrounds us and to inspire freedom, may it be of expression, of style or of spirit, with love and respect for all cultures and traditions and without seperating them. Water has no shape, love has no condition, I am you and you are me ! From the song Abi (blue) -Why should you support this project With your help, I will be able to make my music the way I actually hear it and to share it with the rest of the world. The album is the fruit of all my efforts since my childhood. It will give me the opportunity to take my place in the world as a professional artist. It will help me inspire other human beings and especially the women in countries like Iran, to follow their hearts and to know their power. The wound is the place where the light enters you. Roumi (Molana) -The team This album is in collaboration with my partner Laurent De Oliveira, a pianist, composer and arranger who has been by my side, since the beginning of this road. We will be recording the album with Martin Berauer on double bass, Christophe Bras on drums, Mahan Mirarab on guitar and Douglas Marcolino on accordeon, as well as a few other musiciens that will join us to bring the album to life (percussions, trumpet, violin,accordeon,…etc).

Allocation of funds

Your contributions go to : -Recording the album Recording studio :5 days x 600 euros per day = 3000 euros Musicians : 800 euros for the main musicians (piano, bass, drums, percussions) = 3200 euros 500 to 1000 euros for other instruments if possible : guitar, duduk, accordeon, voices, cello, ..etc. -Mixing and mastering 1000 euros -Making the CDs 500 CDs = 700 euros -Booklets Photos : between 300 to 400 euros Graphic design : between 300 to 400 euros Printing : included in CD price For information : With 9000 euros we can record and make the CDs with minimum musicians. With 10000 euros and more : we can record, make and distribute high quality music and CDs (sound and images) and go further in our creativity and collaborate with more artists.


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Signed CD + digital music + invitation to release concert


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You will get a link by mail for downloading the album + an invitation to the release concert where you will receive your signed CD with the addition of your name in the booklet + personalized thank you note on social media + so much love

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You will reviece a link to download a surprise song from the album + so much love

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You will receive a link to download my EP, Ba Ham Tanha by mail + a personalized thank you note + so much love



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You will be receiving my CD by post as soon as it is ready. You will get a personalized thank you note on social media + so much love

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You will receive a link for downloading the album by mail + the CD by post + a personalized thank you note on social media + so much love

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You will be invited to our disc release concert where you will also receive a signed CD + a personalized thank you note on social media + so much love

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We will perform a private concert (voice + percussions + piano ) at your home (in Paris) if you can provide us with the necessary material (piano, sound system) + a signed CD with your name in the booklet + our eternal gratitude + so much love

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