Tétras de nos forêts

Fond of wildlife? Help us preserve the forest grouses!

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Tétras de nos forêts

Fond of wildlife? Help us preserve the forest grouses!


Who are we ?

At the BEOPS, standing for "Biologie et Ecologie des Organismes et Population Sauvages" i.e. biology and ecology of organisms and wild populations, we work on ecology and wildlife.

We have strong interests in discovering, understanding, describing and sharing.

Here are some examples of the topics we are working on: the accuracy of methods for monitoring animal populations, the relationship between species and their environment, the abundance of animals, the conservation status of species, etc.

What are we planning?

We invite you to support collectively an advanced scientific study: the "Grouses of our forests" project.

Our goal is to analyze the available knowledge and therefore to identify the information to be developed to preserve sustainably the black grouse and the capercaillie.

Why should you support the project?

To increase knowledge about the so-called forest grouses (black grouse and capercaillie).

In France, the black grouse lives in the Alps and the capercaillie in the Jurassian Massif and the Pyrenees. In Europe, those species are patchily distributed from Scandinavia to Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain.

In fact, you may have already met these discreet birds without even realizing it!

To enable knowledge sharing.

If we want individual knowledge to become collective knowledge, biological and ecological information must be described in recognized scientific journals. The results should also be shared, especially over the Internet and on social media.

That is why this project aims for a proper publication in one of the scientific journals whose articles are evaluated by specialists, and then for an open access sharing in various formats.

Why is this research project based on donation?

Budget restrictions, excessive administrative formalities, conflicts of interest, lobbying... when it comes to preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable human activities, many crucial projects never start.

So, couldn't we finance directly this study thanks to occasional donations from people and partners committed to a sustainable preservation of animal species?

The project is ready to start, we are just waiting for your support.

Allocation of funds

Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding would mainly remunerate time spent by wildlife biologists on the project. Our minimum goal of 7,500 € would allow us to launch the project. We could lead an effective development without seeking additional sponsors from 30,000 to 60,000 €, depending on the complexity of the scientific analyzes. If the collection exceeded 130,000 €, the scope of the project would be extended to other iconic mountain species.

Just to put this in perspective, the average cost of a research project usually amounts to 150,000 € to 350,000 €.

Please visit our website to discover the BEOPS' expertise (www.beops.fr -> Expertise).

Various animal species are waiting for you: Alpine ibex, Iberian ibex, partridges, grouses, etc.

The estimated distribution of the collected funds would be as follows:

What could we do to improve grouse conservation?

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