The Brussels Paper

We want to create a city newspaper for the 21st century to provide our community of readers with information and entertainment on international Brussels. We believe a local newspaper with an independent voice can help to create a better city. So in helping to nurture this project you are working to improve the city.

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The Brussels Paper

The Brussels Paper project is being launched to create a print newspaper for the international community in Brussels. To make this happen, we want to publish a 24-page pilot issue in October 2012 and develop a prototype app. We need your help to make this happen. 



So what is this newspaper going to be about? First of all, it will cover news stories in the capital of Europe and provide a forum for opinion and debate. But it will also encourage its community of readers to come together to explore, celebrate, taste, touch and understand the international city of Brussels.

So we will take you here -



And we will be talking about this -



And we will be telling you how to get here - 



And we will reveal where you can find this -



We want The Brussels Paper to serve as a powerful voice for the international community, to encourage expats to become expactivists and to help develop the multinational and creative potential of Brussels.

Are you in?


Allocation of funds

It costs a lot to print a newspaper. It would be much cheaper just to go digital. But we believe in the beauty of paper and the power of the printed newspaper.

We want to see the paper here -



We have to pay journalists and photographers, hire a designer, rent a coworking space for one week, print 20,000 copies, distribute the paper across town, run an online campaign, launch a website and design a prototype app. If you want to see the hard figures, we need €4000 to pay for printing, €1000 to cover distribution and publicity, €1500 to pay writers and photographers, €1500 to hire a designer and €1000 to rent office space. Can we do it?


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