Help us build SeaOrbiter. Together let's open a new era of Ocean exploration.


The project

Help us build SeaOrbiter. Together let's open a new era of Ocean exploration.


At the dawn of the 21st century, a new generation of exploration vessels is about to become real with SeaOrbiter. 




Drifting with the main oceanic currents, SeaOrbiter will allow a crew of explorers to live 24 hours a day over a long period of time in the heart of the ocean, this vast territory still widely unknown being the last frontier on the planet. 


With scientific and educational purposes, the international program of this unique vessel is also a powerful communication platform that will allow continuous sharing of pictures, videos and scientific discoveries.


This unique project is led by the sea architect and Academician, Jacques Rougerie, surrounded by the world's leading ocean and space experts and supported by, among others, Ifremer, NASA and National Geographic. 


For more than 10 years, an international team has been working on the conception of SeaOrbiter and the gathering of necessary funds for construction and its missions. This KissKissBankBank campaign is the opportunity to start concretely the construction of SeaOrbiter by bringing together the community of all exploration, scientific and marine knowledge fans.


Since SeaOrbiter is an exploratory, scientific and technological adventure crucial to mankind, we invite you to be part of it. We have allocated part of the funding of the vessel to crowdfunding.

Therefore, your precious support will allow us to build the Eye of SeaOrbiter.


What is the Eye of SeaOrbiter ?


Out of the total vessel heigt of 58 meters, the 18m of the Eye of SeaOrbiter hosts the lookout post and all the communication systems. One of the specificity of the vessel SeaOrbiter is to allow the public to follow "live" the great adventure, the crew daily life, their exploration, their discoveries and share the scientific results.


This centerpiece will mark the beginning of the construction of SeaOrbiter in France in Spring 2014.


Here are a few pictures of the Eye of SeaOrbiter :




Discover SeaOrbiter







Missions of SeaOrbiter




More information on Research & Innovations


In order to undertake these missions, we have imagined a multilevel vessel, able to explore simultaneously oceans’ surface and great depths.

By participating to this campaign, you will get involved in the construction of the upper part of the vessel, the most visible one, located 18 meters above the ocean…


Discover on this image all the exploration levels of SeaOrbiter:






Understanding the vision behind the program SeaOrbiter


SeaOrbiter continues the legacy of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Jacques Piccard.


To each era its visionary, to each visionary his vessel, to each vessel its adventure, to each adventure its media.


Jules Verne shed a new light on the underwater world with his novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. Jacques-Yves Cousteau introduced us to the Silent World through the prism of television. 

After Jules Verne and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, SeaOrbiter opens a new era of communication about the ocean using all the possibilities offered either by digital technologies and modern communication tools (internet, social media, satelite live links...)






Jacques Rougerie tells the origin of his project :


SeaOrbiter is the culmination of over 30 years of innovative research and creations in marine and subsea architecture. 


This futuristic vessel is nourrished by my desire to inhabit the sea and to push the boundaries of the knowledge of the marine world. SeaOrbiter will enable men to live under the sea for long period of times.


To carry out the project SeaOrbiter, for 10 years, I gathered around myself an international experienced team, composed of the world's leading ocean and space specialists. Each one in his field gives the best of himself in order to bring my vision to life through an international program and a unique vessel."





More information about the Team and our Ambassadors.



Why is SeaOrbiter crucial for mankind ?


The ocean is at the heart of the planetary system, being together the engine and the lung of the planet. It must therefore be placed at the center of our daily considerations. We must build a new social-economical model for the world, integrating in a responsible and sustainable way the ocean as a main source for innovations and solutions for the planet and therefore as a value of progress.

A flagship for this Blue Society, SeaOrbiter also embodies the needs to explore those new resources to benefit humanity and respond to the main challenges of tomorrow.






sea orbiter

Why fund it?


SeaOrbiter is an extraordinary human adventure, a great source of discovery and a humanist program where the notion of sharing is fundamental. Your support will illustrate this approach and make a definite contribution to the financing of the upper part of the vessel.


The construction of the Eye of SeaOrbiter requires 325.000 euros. The construction will begin in spring 2014 in France.






To build SeaOrbiter, a consortium of industrial, technical and technological partners is formed and ready to start the construction.


We gathered about 70% of 35 million euros required for the construction.

The Eye of SeaOrbiter represents 1% of the total budget, but the symbolism associated with the construction of the Eye will hopefully allow the remaining 30% to be funded.


Moreover the SeaOrbiter  program is supported by an international scientific, educational and institutional network that gives expertise and ensures credibility.


The adventure will be relayed throughout the world by media international partners.


More information about the partners


Thanks to your support, SeaOrbiter will become real and we will be able to get into shipyard the sooner. 


Whatever your contribution, your donation will allow you to become a member of the great SeaOrbiter crew and allow you to board this great planetary adventure crucial to mankind. 


Be an actor for a preserved ocean and for a better Planet.


Join us, we need you !



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Our Ambassadors







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Partners of the campaign:










sea orbiter

Jacques Rougerie

Internationally renowned for his achievements such as the Sea Pavillon in Kobe, Japan, the Underwater Archeological Museum of Alexandria in Egypt or the Kochi Oceanarium in India, Jacques Rougerie is also the architect of the main French sea centers Océanopolis in Brest and Nausicaa in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, the underwater habitats Galathée and Hippocampe,... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Roadmap

- June 2014 : Start of the shipyard of the Eye of SeaOrbiter (France)
- October 2014 : The lookout post will be built after 5 months of construction
- December 2015 : The entire vessel will be built after 1.5 years of construction
- January 2016 – April 2016 : 6 months of sea trials in the Mediterranean Sea
- June 2016 - June 2017 : Mission in the Mediterranean Sea (abyss – new species, sunken civilizations)
- 2018-2026 : Missions in the Atlantic Ocean (unknown submarine mountains, abyss)

+ - How will SeaOrbiter inspire future generations ?

SeaOrbiter will raise awareness of the essential role of the ocean in the heart of the planetary system and it's impact in our daily life being at the same time the motor and the lung of the planet.
SeaOrbiter will inspire people to act for the preservation of the blue planet. SeaOrbiter will give rise to new vocations among the young generations and keep alive among the younger generation the spirit of the New Frontier dream. SeaOrbiter will become the symbol of one of the greatest human adventures of the 21st century made of pioneers who go beyond to find solutions to the critical challenges mankind will face in the decades and centuries to come.

+ - Successful tests of the prototype of SeaOrbiter (1/15th scale)

A model of SeaOrbiter about 3.50 meters has been tested under all sea, wind and current conditions at the Marintek, the largest marine simulation laboratory in Europe located in Norway. All the tests have been successful. The shipyard process is now ready to be launched, the last thing we need in order to do so is your financial help.

+ What will be the next step ?

To increase the range of SeaOrbiter and be able to collect date simultaneously in all the oceans, there are plans to increase the fleet and sail a vessel in every ocean. The SeaOrbite rproject will then consist of a formidable "network of Sentinels".

Newest comments

un projet magnifique, j'espère qu'il verra le jour et qu'il deviendra un outil indispensable dans les années futures !
Bonjour, Il y a une citation de Friedensreich Hundertwasser qui me vient à l'esprit et je pense qu'elle résume assez bien ce magnifique projet : "Lorsqu'un seul homme rêve, ce n'est qu'un rêve. Mais si beaucoup d'hommes rêvent ensemble, c'est le début d'une nouvelle réalité." Merci à l'équipe qui a imaginé SeaOrbiter et à tous ceux qui ont cru et qui croient aujourd'hui plus que jamais en sa réalité. Des missions scientifiques sérieuses y seront réalisées, mais un très grand nombre de personnes pourront ainsi continuer de rêver tout en apprenant, à l'image de ce que certains explorateurs nous ont apporté lorsque nous étions (grands) enfants... Merci à vous !
Les océans sont notre avenir, merci pour ce projet !