Contribute to The LEGO Art World Project continuation.


The project

The LEGO Art World started as a game and everyday procrastination activity. I started playing with Legos about a year ago and I was impressed everyday with the amount of LEGO art projects I found on the internet. Then I decided I also want to do something with LEGO, but I didn't know what.




My personal fascination with people from the art world and artists friends, as well as the LEGO bricks as an artistic medium, were the main inspiration to start re-creating these characters with Legos. Some of the characters I do are fictional, some are based on people (artists, curators) I've met and know, and some are commissions by friends. For me, this is a very fun side-project, that I only do in free time, but soon, I would really love to take my time and devote myself to producing more and more characters and possibly presenting them through an exhibition or publication.    



Why fund it?

The main reason I have for you to fund this project is that the financial support would help the project continuation, in terms of materials and time. The project seems stuck at the moment, because of the lack of material (LEGO bricks) for working, so I would need this support to at least get some new ones and work on the project for a longer time.




The project started with only one set of LEGO bricks (no more than 100 bricks), that still keeps me very limited in my creative process, because I cannot save all my works as objects. Instead, I have to photograph and document every character I do, because I need the same bricks to make new ones. For now every character I designed is left only as a photo, with the hope to be again created with bricks as an object when I have the Legos. The funding would really help me with this idea of creating final objects, without the necessity to break them in order to create new ones.  




This is a very personal project, because it started inspired by dear friends and people who encouraged me to always keep working with LEGO, besides my other "regular" art projects, because this seems like one of the most sincere things I'm doing. And, yes, it would give me great joy if I'll be able to continue doing it. 



Darko Aleksovski

Darko Aleksovski (1989, Macedonia) is a visual and performing artist, and graphic designer. He was Artist in Residence at bm:ukk Artist-in-Residence Program (Vienna, Austria) and Deutsche Börse Residency Program at Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt, Germany). He participated in international projects and exhibitions in Tate Britain (London, UK), FRAC... See more