Fidan's Arctic Expedition for Education

Help me go to the Arctic to educate and inspire youngsters to fight climate change!

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Fidan's Arctic Expedition for Education

Although my original crowdfunding target is $6,000– the total amount I need to raise for the expedition is $18,440. I've been trying to secure corporate sponsors for the remainder, however if this doesn’t work out I may not be able to go after all. By helping me exceed the crowdfunding target and reach the entire amount will guarantee my place on this expedition and help educate children on environmental matters. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION!!!


What's my story?

Dear friends,

On a recent hiking trip to Nepal, I was devastated to see the streets of Kathmandu utterly polluted. Seeing children breathing filthy air as they stepped over piles of plastic waste, broke my heart. For the first time, I was struck by the reality of just how sensitive our Earth really is. Our world today is on the brink of an environmental catastrophe, with predictions of more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. Our biggest opportunity for change starts with young populations around the world. They are powerful drivers of change and have the potential to shift human habits and prevent further damage.

I'm eager to educate children on how to make our earth more sustainable and green again. As a result, I’m currently developing a children’s book series on this important topic, called the ‘Eco Tales’.  

I’m reaching out to you as the first Azerbaijani selected for an educational expedition to the Arctic in June 2019 and I need your support to raise funds so I can participate and conduct research for the children's book project - the ‘Eco Tales’. Under the mentorship of the renowned Conservationist and Polar explorer Sir Robert Swan, I'll enhance my knowledge further to share my learnings with our community and the next generation too! With this experience, I’ll be able to directly educate children aged 6+ in order to proactively empower the future change makers of our world. 

By funding my journey, you’ll be instrumental in propelling this social change project, and to commemorate your kind support I’m offering several unique rewards as my way of thanking you :) 

Watch my 2 minute video and keep reading to find out more about my project!

Thank you for your time and if my cause resonates with you, it would mean a lot if you share this with your friends and family!

x Fidan

P.S. To prevent harming our nature and wildlife further, we can collectively take small, easy but important actions TODAY. Read more here.

Who am I?

My name is Fidan, I am a 25 year old Azerbaijani-British LSE graduate, and a huge nature lover who is passionate about education and culture. I'm currently working for a startup in Dubai, and I explore my passions through writing, travelling and speaking 6 languages - it’s not always easy to focus on one! :) 

Currently, in my free time I am focusing on producing a book series with my co writer on educating children on the importance of eco-friendliness!

What's my project?

I’ve been selected by the 2041 foundation as the first Azerbaijani to join the ClimateForce Arctic expedition. A truly meaningful educational adventure and once in a lifetime opportunity.

The (carbon neutral) expedition features the ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program led by the legendary Sir Robert Swan, the Polar Explorer and great Environmentalist. 

I'm thrilled to participate in lectures and workshops on renewable energy, climate science, and sustainability. The program will be facilitated by climate change scientists, and other professionals.

I want to share this knowledge and make a difference to our environment, our community and the next generation. Most people don't know the effect they're having on our environment, which is why I’d like to raise awareness, to reduce our negative impact. 

Recently, my sister in law, who is a published author and Ecologist invited me to join a book project focusing on a topic that we often discuss – positive environmentalism.

Our first book in the ‘Eco Tales’ series - ‘The Invasion of the Perilous Plastics’ is nearing completion and it’s about the detrimental impact of disposable plastics on our planet and how we can protect the Earth. The series aims to encourage eco friendliness amongst children in a playful yet informative manner

Whilst discussing the second book's ‘Carbon footprint’ theme, we knew this expedition would offer a unique chance to conduct research from renowned scholars in the Arctic - a wilderness that’s melting at an alarming rate, symbolizing potentially devastating future weather trends, in our homes around the world.

Below is a sample illustration from our first book

Why am I actually going?

As well as wanting to educate and inspire others to make eco-friendly changes - for our second book, ‘General Carbon and his army’-  I'll conduct in-depth research on actionable solutions for reducing our carbon footprint. During the expedition, I’ll have special access to a variety of experts, all in one place, from the iciest classroom in the world.

We'll develop a compelling book continuing the ‘Eco Tales’. 

We're eager to reach children in our home region and beyond, to achieve this, we plan to publish in 4 languages.

Why should you support me?

I dream of making a positive impact on our planet, and educating children across the globe is only the start! I'm enthusiastic and dedicated to go the extra mile to transform ideas into reality - the inception of the Eco Tales’ is proof

My first eye opening experience of community work was in 2016 when I travelled to Peru on a self funded month long volunteer project. I worked in a children’s care centre, where I witnessed underprivileged 5-10 year olds constantly struggling to complete homework due to a shortage of teachers, basic resources and parents who had to work full time to make ends meet. After this humbling experience, I knew I wanted to continue on this journey. 

With my current project reflecting my commitment to this important cause, you can rest assured I will carry out my social responsibilities with determination and a big smile.

Get involved in the fight against Climate change by helping me raise funds to embark on this once in a lifetime Arctic expedition.

With your support, we can spread positive environmentalism, encouraging children - who have the power to make our planet green again. 

By generously supporting my project, you can expect to receive a special gift from me*. What are you waiting for? Contribute now!

*see Rewards page for more info

Allocation of funds

My ‘all or nothing’ crowdfunding campaign target is $6,000. This means if I don’t reach this amount, any contributed funds will be returned to you. I will collect the funds of this campaign to directly pay for my participation in the ClimateForce 2019 Arctic expedition which will take place in June 2019 for 12 days.

Although my crowdfunding target is $6,000– the total amount I need to raise for the expedition is $18,440. I'm trying to secure corporate sponsors for the remainder, however if this doesn’t work out I may not be able to go after all. By helping me exceed the crowdfunding target and reaching the entire amount will guarantee my place on this expedition and help educate children on environmental matters.

Any contributions that will reach over the total expedition cost will go directly to the 2041 foundation to contribute to research and the development of climate change solutions.

Choose your reward

Reward featured

For $150

The Amazing Arctic fox

To celebrate your contribution, your name will feature in the ‘Thank You’ page of our second book ‘Eco Tales - General Carbon and his Army’. Plus, you will be one of the first to receive a complementary hard copy of our first book ‘Eco Tales - The Invasion of the Perilous Plastics’. Thank you so much:)
  • Backers: 6
  • Delivery August 2019

For $10

The Generous Zooplankton

Big thank you and my gratitude expressed with an e-card from the Arctic! (paperless to protect the forests!)
  • Delivery July 2019

For $25

The Wonderful Walrus Memento

A unique souvenir photo featuring your name with a beautiful backdrop to mark your positive contribution, plus an e-card from the Arctic! Thank you kind human :)
  • Backers: 2
  • Delivery July 2019

For $50

The Very Friendly Polar Bear

Thank you for this! A polar bear will be named after you! I’ll pick a polar bear name it after you, click a pic and email it to you! Plus, 10-15 (digital) HQ pictures taken by me of the Arctic landscape and wildlife, special for you!
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery July 2019

For $80

The Curious Puffin

My Intimate expedition e-journal full of Arctic adventures, stunning photographs and never before seen video footage! Plus, a special video shoutout with a beautiful backdrop to thank you virtually for your positive contribution!
  • Backer: 1
  • Delivery July 2019

For $100

The Sophisticated Snowy Owl

A Lecture guide for your kind support– You’ll receive a comprehensive summary of key takeaways from the ‘Leadership on the Edge’ programme. Plus, an exclusive chance to ask Sir Robert Swan a question of your choice - thank you kindly!
  • Backers: 3
  • Delivery July 2019

For $250

The Social Svalbard Reindeer

Let’s hang out! Depending on your location, we can meet up or have a virtual call to discuss anything and everything about the expedition! You will hear all about the trip first-hand from me and you can ask me anything you like! I'd love to thank you in person!
  • Backer: 1
  • Availability: 19/20

For $500

The Wondrous Arctic Wolf

Upon my return, we can organize a tailor made talk at your school or workplace on leadership/sustainability/climate change to spread the word and help make our planet more sustainable! ! (*Depending on location it will be either in person or virtual) Thank you for believing in me!
  • Availability: 16/16

For $1,000

The Magnificent Humpback Whale

In honour of your generosity, I will carry a flag with your name, or the logo of your company/institution on the expedition and snap some awesome footage! Plus, I will produce and host a customised ‘Leadership on the Edge’ workshop* for you! (*Depending on location it will be either in person or virtual) THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Availability: 8/8

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